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3/24/2008 c7 15Ten ways to spoil dinner
LOL. Ha. That was funny. I think that THIS may be the only story I ever read with Ganon getting a job. So. I don't know. It's good. LOL
11/21/2007 c7 20EternallyNostalgic
lol this is the funniest story! cant wait for an update!
11/9/2007 c7 mythchk
Ganon working in a mall, wearing a chicken suit. LOL pretty funny
10/13/2007 c7 17Roadway
Lmao! Girl you are so insanely hi-larious! Chapter seven was the greatest with Ganon in a chicken suit and Santa telling him to take over Hyrule and ...Arnold Schwarzenegger...? Your so crazy!
9/5/2007 c7 2djgondra
OH MY F**KING GOD. That was INCREDIBLE! I have not laughed this hard on fanfiction in (literally) five years! I congratulate you, friend! Great job!
9/5/2007 c7 21hamxham
lolz! update!
9/5/2007 c7 5HappyBunny07707
No. Ganondorf's face definately was NOT bright.
9/3/2007 c5 HappyBunny07707
Rauru? Let me guess, Link told him that Ganon's getting a job?
7/19/2007 c4 25Link Fangirl01
Oh I like it. I can't wait to see what they're gonna do to ganon. -snickers evily if that were possible-
7/5/2007 c4 luffythesoundninja
Pretty good so far, but it be funny if ganon got a job a victoria's secret "lol". anyway, keep up the good work

7/5/2007 c1 hate-muffin
Stawberry yogurt?
7/4/2007 c4 21hamxham
"'No stupid, it's me the Easter Bunny.'Link glanced at the pink bunny on his sholder and snickered uncontrollably."

"I potek pepol sos itz my business,"

i luved those lines. this is hilarious. keep it up.
5/2/2007 c3 129Yorozuya Gin-san
O.o EVIL ADVISOR! WHO! Ganon looks like a dork already with the bunny thing probably so wearing a sweater is the least of his problems!
5/1/2007 c3 3ZoraAngel
So very funny! Ah...Gannondorf amuses me. A good laugh.
4/28/2007 c3 21hamxham
uh, dude, where the heck did you get the pink bunny from? ROLF! XD
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