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for Holding On

4/25/2008 c1 3Aki WildQueen
Nice! I like FFA. ;)

Mr. Bunny says hi!

He also wants to ask how the heck you got your bunny on your profile. Aki has been trying to copy bunny and put Mr. Bunny on her profile to no avail. We are very sad but would cheer up if you could PM Aki with a tip or two. It'll also encourage Aki to write Starlight DarkNight faster!


( ..)


BTW Mr. Bunny would like to comment that he looks a lot like bunny from your profile but has never met him in his lift. Maybe they're long lost bunny-brothers? ;)
11/24/2007 c1 40Spirix
This isn't bad. Well done. :D Have you thought of doing a drabble collection?

I have a couple but only one is for poems.

Anywho, cya!

7/19/2007 c1 18soupcan
This is a nice little poem. It holds a lot of emotion in it, especially the last three lines.

I hope your friend gets better!
6/11/2007 c1 11September's Nobara
Ispiring (I felt a bit of the "Brothers" melody, there), and I hope your friend feels better, and that her situation gets easier.

Both of you take care,

~September's Nobara.

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