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8/22/2016 c18 77Reda
oh...there's no more...well then... that was a fun ride...
4/27/2014 c1 2Chilami Lynn
You need space,I honestly have trouble reading but you're doing a good job.i'm off to the other chapter now.
1/9/2014 c18 Chilami Lynn
Tottally going to my favorites. I love this story. Anyway don't keep us hanging
11/16/2013 c3 1Mew57
Awww... Goku adoring his little family :3
11/15/2013 c2 Mew57
Woah..chichi should better know when to give up or else she could get killed!
7/8/2013 c16 Abby Ostwald
I've been reading this from 9:00 to 10:30
3/11/2013 c18 Just a reader1
This is a great story! I really really love it and I hope you will be able to complete it one day. Until next time :)
7/26/2012 c18 LadyYoruichiShihoin
Please finish the story! It's really amazing! I NEED to know what happens.
4/19/2012 c18 18LifeAwakens
I love your plot, and I noticed your improvement in your writing! Very good! It's been 8 years since you last updated, and I will be waiting for that update! I bet you are past high school hmm? That means you're probably very busy! Oh well, it was a good story, and I will be overjoyed if you update at least one more time.

3/2/2012 c1 MissBulmaB
good read
7/24/2011 c18 LikeI'dTellYou
Loved it! Can't wait for the new chapter! ITS GONNA BE AWESOME!
1/10/2010 c3 Angel Bells
The story is great, but you need to learn about paragraphs!
11/3/2009 c18 Leila Wong
OMG! What a wonderful story!

I can't believe you were 16(?) y.o when you've started writing this story. I'm really impressed :)BIG respect! :D

I just can't wait to read the finall chepter... but don't worry, I can wait even 10 years- this story is worth of it.

You are amazing, wonderful, great and talented writer! You are AWESOME! :D :D :D

I must add this story to my Favourites ;)

I will wait for your update... until you update... I hope it will happen soon, but if not, well... I will still wait :D

(oh, and sorry for my english- it's horrible, I know :p)
4/7/2009 c18 20Chichiforever
I love this story
2/2/2009 c15 Chichiforever
please finish this story it was amazing!
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