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8/4/2019 c1 somersault-j
Oh, John. I love views into John's headspace and yep, it hurts! But I can actually see this going through his head, sitting there in his bathrobe. Well done!
8/1/2015 c1 4Freya922
Tremendous fic - such a tragic, rich exploration of who John is, and it fills so many gaps in the main storyline. You have a true gift for grasping the full potential of these characters and this Story and then crafting something sublime of your own. Bravo.
4/17/2015 c1 67CornishGirl
This is so incredibly moving. John often gets the short end of the stick in fanfic, as if he's merely present to be a painful roadblock to his sons, when in several episodes it's made very clear how much he adores his boys. This story is a lovely explanation for what was going on in John's head as he sat in a wheelchair at Dean's bedside, sorting out his thoughts before surrendering everything to the YED for the sake of both sons.
12/28/2010 c1 29CeCe Away
Love how you got inside John's head at this crucial time.
2/14/2008 c1 76Mirrordance
Excellent job! The tone is appropriate, the descriptions vivid, and best of all, it's just generally absorbing! Great work!
1/27/2008 c1 JazzyIrish
This is a fantastic look inside the mind of John Winchester. I really think you have acute insight into the man. IMToD is one of my favorite episodes, the main reason being that we see how much John loves both his sons.

Loved how you gave us his thoughts, his reasoning for his sacrifice: " His sons didn’t need him anymore, not really. Not like they needed each other" - a play on the demon's lie to Dean. You also tell us why John had that last conversation with Dean before giving up the Colt - because he had to let Dean know that the demon lied, that without Dean, the family would have never survived. Guh.

Hearing John's thoughts as he sat in Dean's room, I couldn't help but think about what spiritDean was saying to John - asking him why he wasn't doing anything to help him, that he had done everything John asked of him, and what kind of a father was he? Oh, Dean, when you found out, it hurt even more.

Wonderful one shot. Thanks for sharing it with us. Now, on to "Fire". Until next time...
10/10/2007 c1 82Tari Roo
I was wondering how you would write John. Your take on Sam and John's relationship was been so fraught with tension and inability and frustration, while Dean's has been so much more poignant and desperate even.

In My Time Of Dying is a fav episode, and I'm delighted to read a John POV, investigating the mystery of his thought processes and decisions in that episode. Really, very good.

I am, even now, downloading Fire in the Hole - with great anticipation : ) Heck, who i am kidding - with frigging huge Antici...pation!

5/26/2007 c1 brighette
"He knew what that looked like, just him and Dean: bloody and efficient, an oiled machine. Hard and relentless. He didn’t exactly know what just him and Sam might look like, but he wasn’t planning on finding out. He suspected that he and Sam alone together would be too much, like flame and dynamite. Too much, and not enough, because the glue that held everything together wouldn’t be there. The center wouldn’t hold."

And that, that is why I love your writing. Thank you for putting it all down into words so eloquent. Beautifully done!
5/10/2007 c1 8Windyfontaine
Well I'll make it an even twenty reviews, as here I am breaking my record on reviewing your stories so late. Even finished reading this two days ago but kinda forgot to review, I had it on my pda *falls to the floor in shame*. Er, can I say I'm really sorry and will review the next one lickety-split? Anyways, I wasn't much of a John fan, although the guy did eventually grow on me. But I always knew that even if he didn't really show it, he did love his boys, or how would they have turned out so well?

This was written so lyrically, and it was like hearing John's voice, even his cursing in his head was in character. Loved the references back to "Red", nice to have his point of view, it filled in this little missing piece that I didn't know was missing. And him smiling and charming the nurse...so that is where Dean got it from ;) And him knowing what the doctor was going to say and not caring...well he did care, but he already had a plan. That was cool. He was right, Dean and Sam together would work better than him and Sam. And he might not have been the best parent in the world, but willing to sacrifice himself for his son was definitely a mark of a loving one. Although I wish he'd have found a different way, where they all could live, you helped to make his choice just a bit more understandable. Thanks so much for sharing this. And you're working on the next one? Yay! You did a great job, and I'm now looking forward to the John moments in your next fic. Hope you have a wonderful week :)
5/8/2007 c1 adara13
So, I definitely did not think I’d like this story because I have a deep, abiding hatred for John, but seriously? This was awesome. Not that I still don’t hate him, of course, but you really did an amazing job of summing up his motives. And the description definitely psyched me out into thinking it’d be something funny!

It was really an awesome capturing of John’s voice and, like always, I’m so impressed by the way you use small phrases to just make everything make sense. Like this sentence summing up Sam’s motives for everything: “Self-centeredness and Dean, of course.” Is just incredibly spot on. I guess in a way Dean both loves him and hates him for it.

So anyway, yes, color me impressed (and maybe a little converted to sympathy for John)! I’ve been crazy busy with exams, and this was definitely a nice break!
4/30/2007 c1 12Rebel Goddess
As usual, I sit in awe. I take it the reference to Red was in John's 25 missing days. Ye gods, poor Dean! I want to say poor John but what he does is destroy his son to some extent. Fantastic story though. Now you've got me all excited for the next big fat fic, I can't wait, so be quick with it! Great story.
4/29/2007 c1 31sams1ra
Ok, so I have 3 things to say about that. 1 - squee! New story! yay!

2 - thanks for those glimpses into john's pov through Red. LOVE that story.

3 - thanks for this little (too short) story. I really liked it.

Did I mention - squee, new story?
4/28/2007 c1 15Winter1066
Oh crap! John put his own name on the forms! This was great seeing things through John's eyes
4/28/2007 c1 Tinycoward
Hey babe! Looking up from the tangled depths of my project to tell you this was a great one! Looking forward with interest to your John-centric tale. Glad you finally saw the rock and the hard place the poor b@llox is caught between :0) Stay crazy you fruit loop!
4/28/2007 c1 48irismay42
Not only did you write a lot of the scenes I would have liked to have seen in IMTOD, but you also wrote a couple of the scenes I would have liked to have seen in Red! I think John's always kind of been a huge shadowy background fic in your fics, so it's interesting to see you foreground him like this at a point in the show where we didn't really get to see anything of what was going through his head. You made a great job of pinpointing all the things about both boys he loved, and really brought home the sacrifice he made - the sacrifice he KNEW he was going to have to make. No way he went down into that basement thinking he'd only have to give up the Colt...

If this is only the warm up exercise, I can't wait for the next fic!
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