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9/8/2013 c1 89sue-sylvester-shuffle
Amazing. 3 I love Chanoey, this is great!
3/6/2010 c1 12kittenkatpaw
Aw, this story deserves more reviews! Bittersweet and sentimental and hopeful all rolled into one...but that's why I love your Chandler fics. :)
8/10/2008 c1 12Exintaris
To be inhuman or inhumane is to be cruel, which I would argue that Monica is not, not intentionally anyway; you mean non-human. But this is good, and I don't know why I haven't been reviewing all these before.
11/20/2007 c1 31Cress
It's bittersweet to me, but at least they still love each other so very much.
5/21/2007 c1 16dirtyprettything
pretty :)

actually *brandishes fist* i hate you! i weaned myself off the chanoey, but as i've exhausted all the jd/cox scrubs stuff... i've regressed. and you're making me regress with your stupid pretty fic and clever last line.
5/5/2007 c1 8bethellie
Ooh, I loved it. This line was my favourite:

'He opened the door and there was a grin and a bear hug that never seemed to end and Chandler felt like maybe, for once in his life, his wishes were coming true.'
5/3/2007 c1 lobsters.RnR.forever
I already read this on FC, but I must say again that this is absolutely amazing! Just reading it makes me feel so happy. =] Great work!
5/2/2007 c1 12jennied

A new story? Aces lol!

Loved this one, but i always do!

I squinted for the Chanoey and it made me so happy!

Thank you for making me smile with this adorable story!
4/30/2007 c1 LuvRach
Nice fic! I had fun reading it.
4/28/2007 c1 rajen48
YAY, you wrote a story! =D

Aw so cute..love it! Great job...that's was fun to read!
4/28/2007 c1 157writerchic16
Very cute :) I always enjoy your Chandler insights.
4/28/2007 c1 yvee-beth
woew girl

god job again :D also found this other story by you the other day...chanoey songfic...it's not uphere...I dont remember the title...damnit! ;)

kiss, amy

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