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12/20/2012 c4 6The Awesome March Hare
This is so cool. I love this and can't wait for more.
12/19/2009 c4 21Peaceful Dragon Rose
good chapter
7/2/2009 c4 MLPMegan Pierce
This is a very addictive. I hope youu continue with this story, Read ya later.
6/27/2009 c4 2The Dark Side Has Yaoi
Please updadte
12/20/2008 c4 14Optomistic Emo Kleptomaniac
if you get sora in there soon...maybe XD
10/10/2008 c4 16Advent of Clouds
Wow, I love this story! As for Sora's age he is 15 in KH2 because he is a year younger than Riku who is 16.
7/24/2008 c4 51RockBane
7/24/2008 c4 176Firehedgehog
awesoem freaking update

poor roxas, beings raped by him

see u next update which is hopefully soon
7/23/2008 c4 DarkEmoGirl
(too lazy to sign in..) Gah, you're forgiven for the long update.. love the story. And the things just happened in the chapter makes the fic more exciting ;) hope to read more from you.
9/27/2007 c3 10Whitefleur
wow.. so cool.

update soon..
9/22/2007 c3 8Skyline13
this was a good chapter! keep up the good work and update soon!
9/21/2007 c3 176Firehedgehog
awesoem update hon. i soo can't wait to see how teh next chappy goes
9/21/2007 c3 Phoenix80hp
yay you updated! Well it was a good update and amusing at parts. I really hope you update soon!
9/17/2007 c2 Phoenix80hp
I would really to see you update this fic! I've loved it so far!
8/13/2007 c2 61Chaos Silk
Apologies for not reviewing sooner *grins*

Nice chapter, I like how it all blends together and your characterization of Sora, Riku and Kairi. Hope to see more soon...

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