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for The Will x Caleb fans Theme Song

2/22/2015 c1 Angel Dutchess
3/17/2012 c1 Offended child of epicness
I ship MattXWill... I am now seriously offended
1/11/2012 c1 3Yukai97
Haha, this was pretty funny! ^^ I love it ^^ WxC Forever! ^^
6/26/2011 c1 32Aria Morid
Wow... didn't see this one coming...

But pretty funny. I agree. Will should at least get Caleb in the cartoon! Matt is such a whiny b****! At least he is cool in the comics.
6/19/2010 c1 20BurningCrashingRaining
... Wow...
1/9/2010 c1 619yellow 14
Heh, fanfiction is good for writing the pairings of our choice. Sadly, this song makes me WANT to write some fluffy and very pro CxC. Still, looking forward to your next update
11/23/2009 c1 90Lexvan
LOL! Good job on the song! Part of me thought it was funny!

Think you can make a song up for my OC's the Defenders, in my story: W.I.T.C.H. Meets S.T.A.R.S.?
7/9/2008 c1 13koolkame
...I'm floored. What else is there to say?
2/16/2008 c1 48Angel Maria Cloud
Your funny.
8/23/2007 c1 12Breathlessly Wicked

Siy Rowling?
8/18/2007 c1 12Wilhelmina Vandom
LOL, this was so cute. I really love it, I love WxC but also CxC can be good, it depends on the stories and yours rock! Update War for Meridian's Throne soon please. PLEASE!
6/5/2007 c1 3Sniper Fodder
Lol, Will and Caleb fans unite! lol I love it. Take that u C/C fans!
5/7/2007 c1 4Power-Of-Heart
Love it.

Improve: How about A collection of WxC Collections.

I like WxC too. :) So yeah, good pairing.

4/29/2007 c1 70strayphoenix
Just when I thought I couldn't see weirder things on FF...

4/29/2007 c1 25Seniya
It's very funny. Lol. Good work!
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