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for After He Left

1/3/2009 c12 7whitezcar
dang it. i hate this cliffy!

please update soon! If you need a beta, or anyone to bounce ideas off of, just tell me!

3/16/2008 c12 2Savanna06
nice story. longer chapters please?
12/21/2007 c12 6Akatsuki Blossom
This is really good. please update soon!
6/3/2007 c12 ash26asr
continue... PLEASE!
5/28/2007 c12 27animallover0109
hurry up with the update! i love this story! HURRY UP!
5/28/2007 c12 sweetness-wild
thagt was good i didnt think that he or they could make it out with her alive i hope they move out of the wasy in time

but yea the story is going on good
5/28/2007 c12 Cullengirl
hey thank u so so so so so so much for writing this i was so bored and i could not think of anything to keep my mind off of the books until Eclipse comes out and then i found this websight and i love and u should most defentetly contiue with this story i love it so far. Thank u
5/27/2007 c12 6Jexena
You are killing me. I am so totally going to be put in a mental institution, from going crazy because of all of the short chapters I keep reading. Longer chapters, PLEASE!
5/27/2007 c12 6Manialoll Spins
(BTW, I'm saying all of this with a genuine smile, just so you know that I'm not being sarcastic) Duh you should continue! I want to know if they'll survive! Plus, after that cliffy, it became an obligation to your many fans to update!
5/18/2007 c11 Alli
OMG update as soon as possible!
5/18/2007 c11 27animallover0109
OMFG! YOU HAVE TO UPDATE SOON! PLEZ? i wanna c what happens!
5/17/2007 c11 1Misfit band geek
OMG!what happens?
5/16/2007 c11 8Ed.cullenator
5/16/2007 c11 sweetness-wild
i like your story it is good

you are a good writer i cant wait to see what happens...i wonder if bella dies i hope

not but yea
5/15/2007 c11 PhirePhly
Ah, update! I LIKE this story!
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