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2/2/2010 c17 4SeriCereal
This is really good! But, a piece of advice, try checking your grammar, I love it!
7/30/2009 c17 25Annika the Merciful
Rika100, if I were to say that this story was amazing I would be lying to you and to everyone. This story and the prelude "Mizuki's Diary" is so heart-touching that I don't know how to describe it. You hooked me in and pulled me into a world that I didn't know. I love this story. You really pulled on my heart strings so much that I can't believe it. I was almost crying. It was perdicitable but at the same time you completely changed how I thought they would meet. You really have created a story like nothing I've ever read as a fanfiction. Why are you writing fanfiction? You should be working on a novel because you trully are at that level. Your skills as an author as just beginning to develop and as you continue them they will continue to grow. Keep up the writing, never stop. Because you know what, no matter what you will always have your writing. You will always have your imagination. Never ever give that up. Never give up your imagination. Because your imagination will help you grow. It will help you become all that you can and more. Write, write every day in any way. But never give it up.

You really have talent. I really have enjoyed your story. It really has made me think about those that I love. And if I were to die this minute would they know that I love them. It gave me a new poiont of view. Thank you Rika100.


6/30/2009 c17 sar
oh my god thats so sad but so good
6/8/2009 c17 Heather
ha ha lol o loved it even though i cryed on the last Chapter
3/24/2009 c17 Kana
Good story, so sad. Wa

In chapter 15 you said she was pregnant with another kid, but there are only four kids in this chapter. I'm confused. That is only criticism, well that and a lot of miss typing. Proof Read Your Work. but it was still a great story. Your a good writer, keep it up!
3/11/2009 c17 mangagirl214
wait but. i'm confused. wat happened to the other baby? the last one?.. did he/she die too?
3/2/2009 c17 shierysh
Yeah, didn't expect them to be dead. XD

It was a great epilogue though.

It's crazy to see the twins older now, it's pretty cool :D

I love the whole fanfic, well done ^-^
3/1/2009 c17 chibi18
i like it u did u a very good job on this i can't wait to what else u write ^^
2/5/2009 c16 3Aktaiy
i love this she had another set of tiwns thats carzy and is having another baby that just wow is all i can say i love this story! ^_^!$_$(_)and so on

Your Fan,

2/4/2009 c16 chibi18
i love it aw it is the last chapter can u please do one more chapter
2/3/2009 c16 shierysh
Aww, cute ending ^^

Fantastic fanfic, overall :D

Well done!

I really enjoyed reading it all ^^
1/25/2009 c1 6Freedom Of The Pen
oh she's pregnant, isn't she? better update soon! i love this!
12/29/2008 c13 12Kura and Hana
IZUMI SANO UR A FREAKING IDIOT! *pounds izumi with hammer*

i love this story!, even if izumi is an idiot. the kids are so adorible. espessialy Ivan! its really good *continues reading til the end*

12/13/2008 c15 urimarimo
please update soon.

What's next?

i really want to know.

please...PLEASE update soon!
12/13/2008 c13 urimarimo
aww. i hope they are going to be together again..

i like this story. alot.
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