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8/1/2022 c31 4marzelinefilth
Esta historia es mi favorita. La amo. Me quede con mas ganas de que continuaras. Ojala y alguien me pudiera decir si subieron el video. Saludos desde mexico!
2/23/2022 c31
Historia hermosaa y que final
2/3/2022 c31 Sess2022
Beautifully done!
1/5/2022 c31 Lady of Vampires019
I enjoyed reading this story so much!
Thanks for sharing it with us! 3 3 3
1/5/2022 c30 Lady of Vampires019
I think part of the reason Sesshomaru left was because of Kagome's mom, afterall, she did told him that her daughter would be better with someone other than him. I wonder what would happen if Kagome knew what her mother said to him.
1/5/2022 c29 Lady of Vampires019
Bakamaru, how could you!?
You shouldn't have left her! She needs you and you're not there with her!
That's a cowardly thing to do. I'm so disappointed in you, Bakamaru.
1/5/2022 c28 Lady of Vampires019
This chapter was a-f*cking-mazing!
I loved it so much!
I was at the edge of my seat reading this from beginning to end it grabbed my attention.
1/5/2022 c27 Lady of Vampires019
That's karma, b*tch!
You deserve it for what you did to Kagome!
1/5/2022 c26 Lady of Vampires019
OMG he growled!
Sesshomaru growled and it was so sexy!
I know he's in pain because of Kagome's disappearance but he growled!
1/5/2022 c25 Lady of Vampires019
OMG love them so much!
I'm so happy for them! They deserve each other and I'm so glad I can get to see how happy they are.
1/5/2022 c24 Lady of Vampires019
I was prepared to kill Bakayasha for what he did to Kagome. Not only in this chapter but when he broke her heart, but now, regretfully I should thank him for doing that because that lead to where my baby girl and Sesshomaru are right now.

(Fangirl Mode ON)
They're kissing! Finally!
1/5/2022 c23 Lady of Vampires019
I loved his back story.
Although, to be completely honest, I hated Touga, Izayoi and Inuyasha so much because of what my Sesshy's mother suffered.
At least, Kagome now understand him better. I'm pretty sure this time that they share will be a turning point for their relationship.
1/5/2022 c22 Lady of Vampires019
Awwww, Sesshomaru tried to console Kagome and he's gonna tell her a story!
OMG I love him!
1/4/2022 c21 Lady of Vampires019
Why do you have to appeared in that moment! You ruined everything!
I'm so mad I'm crying!
1/4/2022 c20 Lady of Vampires019
This is so hilarious!
Kikyo doesn't love Inuyasha, she doesn't even care about him!
I can't wait for Inuyasha to know this! That's gonna be devastating for him and I'm gonna enjoy every second of it!
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