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8/29 c31 3FuntomCandy
I favorited this story a while back and suddenly I had this desire to read it again because it was so unlike the other fics and i’m so glad that I did. Your story is so utterly perfect with the internal monologues of each character and with the little bits of dialogue leading up to Sesshoumaru and Kagome falling in love. All the while, you showed tidbits of other couples and familial love... when Sesshoumaru told Kagome his story it really touched my heart. You wove the plot together so well, it was all so captivating I could not put it down despite having read it before. Enthralled from start to finish. Thank you
7/15 c31 13Residual-Infatuations
This was just lovely.
1/7 c25 Guest
Yes, hi. Something's missing alright. If you felt like something was missing BEFORE you wrote this chapter, you can be 100% positive that anything was missing after you wrote it. WHY would you jump from them kissing on the floor, to kagome reflecting on his proposal to mate and his desire to never let her die. That's a pretty IMPORTANT scene you scarcely even acknowledged. I was so confused I had to go back and reread the last chapter to make sure I didn't accidentally skip something so important. I didn't. That was very poorly executed. Sorry, but it's true.
1/6 c21 Guest
You said you changed the rating on this story to a K but I still see M.
1/6 c16 Carlynul
Hahaha! I loooove their banter
1/6 c11 Carlynul
Ok, you keep saying "heritage" where you mean "inheritance," and "translated" where you mean "transferred," among several smaller mistakes... BUT, that being said, I recently saw an A/N from you in which you stated that English was not your first language. With that in mind, I have to say, your writing is IMPRESSIVE. Truly. Despite a few incorrect terms and very minor grammatical errors, overall your English grammar is quite good. This is a great story and I do love reading it.
1/5 c6 Carlynul
You keep saying "heritage" when what you mean is "inheritance." But otherwise i'm really loving this story so far!
1/5 c4 Carlynul
Kagomes little 'inner monologue' towards the end was annoyingly lengthy. Frankly I skipped the last half of it. But otherwise i'm very intrigued with this story and i'm looking forward to reading the rest so far!
11/25/2018 c31 12chaosmoon75
I really enjoyed this. There was lots of laughter and tears and you handled the entire cast of characters so well. I am glad I found this!
11/25/2018 c29 chaosmoon75
this was almost more painful than when Kagome lost consciousness. The only question I have is the fact that you jumped back and forth several times on Kagome's wound. First it was a knife and then it was a gunshot and then a knife again. Other than that this whole story has been excellent.
11/25/2018 c28 chaosmoon75
oh, that ending was just too much. I raced through it all and I'm not sure if I want to cry or scream. I know that isn't the end, it can't be, but still... that is killer. (no pun intended)
11/24/2018 c15 chaosmoon75
I love how this chapter title comes into play at the end. What a thing to bond over lol.
11/24/2018 c14 chaosmoon75
The last line of this chapter was so much more poignant because of how many of the others ended with just the opposite when it should have been the other way around. That is good writing.
10/31/2018 c31 Rokizol
Omg! What fantastic tale! I loved every single second I spent reading it. I am extremely grateful that you shared it with us. Thank you! Thank you!
10/31/2018 c28 Rokizol
This is so sad...
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