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for Mewtwo's Cold Heart

4/8 c6 0100110
That was a grate story, thanks for a grate time. (:
4/8 c5 0100110
Oooo I’m so hipped to read the next one, whoooooo
4/8 c4 0100110
I just read chapter four and I am excited to read the next one. (:
4/8 c3 0100110
I just read chapter 3 and, I really enjoyed it. This is a great story. (:
4/8 c2 0100110
I just read chapter two, I really enjoyed it. _
4/8 c1 0100110
I just read chapter one and, finely, some one appreciates how powerful Mewtwo is. Grate chapter. _
9/20/2015 c2 Zek
Umm, when the little ones hugged mewtwo you said they said thank you joylessly.
2/19/2014 c1 WeirdoEarth1Girl
"He hates all humans, and thinks them to be evil and murderous."
"I wonder why?"
11/5/2010 c6 4ZeldaTheSwordsman
The premise is interesting and could make a good story, but this fic has two major plotholes:

1. Mewtwo not trying telepathy to see whether or not people were lying.

2. Mewtwo had already gotten over that shit for the most part. This is a major problem with several Mewtwo stories.
3/20/2009 c1 JejeJade
Very Good
7/27/2008 c6 71Exilo
That was a very fun story. I really enjoyed reading it and some of the pairings were cute. Just one things i would like to comment on. I just can't get by the idea that Link would decide Mewtwo is a greater threat than someone like Ganandorf. I think that Link's anti-Mewtwo character would have been better fit with one of the others. Its stupid and purely personal preferance. Everything else was good.
6/21/2007 c6 G4L89
*claps in hands* congratulations with this story. this was very good.

I also very happy with the outcome. Told you everbody would accept him.

I"ll be reading you sequel soon.

thank you very much for having posted this great story.
6/21/2007 c5 G4L89
man this is exciting. My money is on team mewtwo , no doubt.

you know, mewtwo should just use hyper beam on link and bye bye swordsman.

superb chapter
6/21/2007 c4 G4L89
ow boy this is getting out of hand. pf...I geuss mewtwo still has a long way to go before he wil trust humans.

But with people like the smashers ( Peach , Zelda , Pikachu, Y-Link and Iceclimbers not included ) there's no wonder.

I hope this fic will have a good ending.

great chapter very nice
6/21/2007 c3 G4L89
O-M-G ! those f*ing basterd! how dare they do such a thing ?

Can't they see mewtwo is not evil, just angry and saddend ? Man thsi is getting really intense.

Just the kind of story I like.

Thank you soo much for doing this.
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