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for Hell is Other People

2/26 c34 pandorianlesma
Fantastic story, if perhaps a little too engaging as not been able to stop reading it in every spare moment for a few days! Hope you to get round to posting an update at some point, would love to see Chloe and Alex meet again…
2/26 c34 Fluffy the vampire
This is highly addictive and I don't even follow the series but I love the way you write. Looking forward to the next chapter.
2/25 c20 Guest
Whooooooooh. Loving this. Had to take a break and the withdrawal was crazyyyyyyy. It's cool that you're in law now. I'm ok with the long breaks between posts. The only thing I worry about in terms of posting is you getting sick and dying before the end. (Which I hope is at least 50, 60 yrs from now.) Didnt review many of the previous ch, so this is me catching up. It's been cool to read your notes in the beginning and hearing about how your life was at the time of making that ch. I could put this fic at the same level of greatness as Pongnosis's the Devil in the Great Blue Sea. Which I recommend if you haven't read. Every wait is worth it friend. See ya.
2/22 c7 Guest
Damn dude, if you ever write a book, send the link in a new chapter. I'm gonna read everything under your profile and am gonna need it. Else the withdrawal is gonna be crazyy
1/28 c34 Sophiellie124
I've spent the past three days reading through this after coming from your rewrite on ao3. It is one of the best stories I've ever red. I love the characters, your writing and the plot. The story evolves so beautifully, and it caught me through all 450k words. I should be learning for my exams next week, but this had me stop to read beginn to finish.
Thank you for putting your writing out there. This has made my day(s) better.
This is the frist time that I am using this site, and I did not see a button to download this, so I'm asking if I could copy the words into my own document as download? It is one of the fics I would like to print and have a physical book one day, so if it's OK for you please let me know.
Thank you for brightening a stressful time.
Have a great day/night!
1/21 c34 lisanathaliethielke
I think I read that beautifully written artpiece of a fabrication 20 times already.
I hope you will one day finish it.
In the meantime I will just read it all over again. 3
11/16/2023 c34 Emily
Awesome! I can’t wait to hear the testimony. Poor Alex is finally near the end. Hope all is well! X
11/10/2023 c1 Guest
11/7/2023 c34 6ryddance
Hey there! I can't tell you enough good things about reading this fic. This is one of my favorite AR fics, and one that I continually come back to time and again. I got into fanfiction in 2014 and have been following this fic ever since. I was so glad to get a huge round of updates in 2020-2021, and it's brought us right up to the end. It might be weird, but I have had dreams about this fic (though my dreams are always disjointed and make little sense). I really truly hope you decide to finish the last couple chapters.

I especially am looking forward to seeing what exactly Alex tells his audience (Yes, I know it's technically in the books): the the horror, outrage, and realization as everyone gets on the same page as far as what hell he has been through. What about Sir Christopher and Chloe and their reactions? Any more Eagle? What does Alex's future hold?

Even though I have read HIOP in its entirety multiple times, I can never just put it down. I finished it again at about 4am this morning (my bad). I just love, love, love this story and hope that it will one day be finished.
11/4/2023 c11 ironhair
This arc (hawk) is losing it's steam.
11/3/2023 c9 ironhair
Finally some
11/3/2023 c34 X7ephyr
:( where's the rest
9/16/2023 c34 ell-if-i-know
aaaa i love this fic its so cool
9/1/2023 c34 1discerningthepolarity
I always come back to this story at least once or twice a year as a sort of fucked up comfort fanfiction. I say fucked up because it’s about the exploitation of a child but… your writing is just so good. When I get sick and tired of subpar fanfiction im comforted by going back to stories that I know are good. Thank you for writing this story
9/1/2023 c1 Akiza1
I will never give up on waiting for the ending!
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