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for Hell is Other People

1/31 c34 Guest
I just finished the last available chapter and really hope that this story will be finished and hopefully soon.
Thank you again for this great story. I love the way you write in so much detail and which so much inside into the characters.
And I am looking forward to an hopefully happy ending for Alex.
Please finish this story! It is a monster baby :-), but not horrible at all. I enjoyed every word of it.
1/29 c18 Guest
I found this story by chance and could not stop reading it.
Thank you very much for the great hours I spend with it respectively will spend the next days.
Is there any chance that you will complete this great story?
Thank you very much!
1/8 c34 ActualScorpian
bestie morrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee please. such a good story though
12/6/2022 c1 SpaideZ
Just a Spade casually dropping by and OMG Alex is just so done
11/21/2022 c34 2pme1955
Pretty pretty please amitai may we get an update?
11/19/2022 c34 Lake25
I must honestly say that I don't remember when I started reading this story...but I know that I was still in school back then, least 13 years ago.


I didn't read the updates for several years, but always had the story bookmarked, donwloaded and on my favourite-list...and then I found my love for Alex Rider again and was like "You know what? Let's read it again!"

And Holy God. I had forgotten how good I found this fanfic 10-12 years ago and I'm delighted that I still love it today. Because the quality of the writing is consistently high, even if it took you years to write it and I just love it!

It's been 1.5 years since you posted the last chapter, but I dearly hope that you are well and cross my fingers that one day this story will be finished.

Thank you for all the chapters you have written und shared with us so far!
9/26/2022 c34 Guest
Wow! Just wow! Thus was absolutely amazing! There’s really no other word for this! I love this so so much and right from the beginning I was hooked! I love the characters and the idea that Alex is finally getting out and getting a break! Also, getting a family with Richard and Gilda was just another reason I fell in love! Thank you for creating this! Your an amazing writer and author ! Hope you can add some more chapters! Overall this is just Wow!
9/18/2022 c11 potstickers4lyfe
trying to give this a reread after stopping in the mid 20s chapters… and fuck man, reading this is depressing as fuck. I get the trope of being treated like shit and being able to get back at your offenders after for the satisfaction, but this is just purely having people beat the shit out of alex for the sake of making alex even more depressed than he was and him as the bigger person will never get back at the others. maybe i’m just too petty but i guess this is my sign to finally drop this fic.
9/17/2022 c34 Guest
Coming back here to post my yearly review about how amazing this is. I’ve re-read it so many times at this point and truly hope you finish it! Better than the actual books
8/13/2022 c34 TheWhimsicalOwl
Oh my god just binged that whole thin Not even my fandom I had forgotten the Alex Rider books even existed and that I’d read them,,, but like,,,
I was intrigued by the summary and started reading and I was a goner after that
Omg though
All the right elements
The characterization
The hurt/comfor I’m in pain I need more,,,
And the cliffhanger I want to see the testimony
Also Chloe I love her I wonder what her reaction will be
I feel so bad for her she was so nice
And Sally and Lizzie they were so cut Yesssss
The Mannings parenting Alex 333
I’m here for it

This is the fic I never knew I needed
6/26/2022 c34 Guest
Love this so much, hope to see more in the near future!
6/25/2022 c33 Guest
This is so so good have been rereading. I'm begging you, it's been a year, please please please carry on and improve 2022!
6/15/2022 c3 Guest
“Alex looked at the broom he had in one hand, and thought, briefly, of his rigorous, if short, training with Scorpia. Looking back up at the man, he shrugged, and when back to his work.” This line makes me laugh a little bit because I distinctly remember him enjoying his training with Scorpia more than his training with the SAS in Scorpia. The way that training ended must have really soured his experience after the fact haha
I just looked up cam cream for the first time and found out it’s just like. Camouflage face paint? Good to know. Idk why I didn’t look it up the first time I read this tbh.
ALSO THE BEGINNING OF HAWK BEING THE WORST! Love that for us. I know he’s got some serious trauma stuff but also I want to break his nose.
Fox looking cheerful being a terrible sign means everything to me.
6/15/2022 c2 Guest
Hnghhhhhh the beginning of the MI6 as Alex’s legal guardian fake out. Love that plot line.
And K-Unit babey!
Also: Alex, honey, please eat. Please. For me.
Reading this fic in your twenties is SO different from reading it in your teens lol. Now I really understand the Mannings haha!
6/15/2022 c1 hollyhock13
Okay, I would like to start out by saying that this is the first fic I ever left a review on in my journey into fandom because I was a shy little bean but I adore this fic.
I may or may not (read: definitely did) have made two of my friends read this despite all of us being well over twenty and past our Alex Rider phases.
I have literally read this fic at least six times as it was being written, and it was worth every single read.
My one friend yelled at me for reccing the best fic in the fandom so nothing else can ever live up to it I know you’re not super proud of the writing in the first few chapters (I don’t know anyone whose favorite writing is stuff they did in high school lol), but that’s high praise from one of my other favorite fic writers!
Basically, I just want you to know that I love this fic a TON and will follow it to the end and beyond
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