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for Hell is Other People

4/7/2020 c33 Asilrettor
This is actually for chapter 29 I just ran out of reviews for that chapter and all the other chapters up to this one

Ok I’m going to make a prediction

Charles is ‘friends’(loosely at most acquaintance) with Christopher, so Christopher is going to ask to come with to speak with Alex and they are going to hear the whole story like that
4/7/2020 c29 Asilrettor
I live this chapter, this is the first time you really see how messed up Alex is.

I can totally see this as being cannon. But don’t take my word for it.

I read the books years ago and now the FanFiction is mixing up all the facts for me
4/7/2020 c28 Asilrettor
This was a really great overview and I get why there wasn’t a point of view for Alex. There couldn’t be with all the stuff going on
4/7/2020 c27 Asilrettor
I love how the plans don’t perfectly line up together because of course that wouldn’t have happened
4/7/2020 c26 Asilrettor
I love that Charles is already involved in the conversation about Alex even with Alex infiltrating his home
It just shows how amazing Alex really is
I can’t wait to see how that will come into play when they see each other again( they will see each other again won’t they?)

P.S i love your author notes
4/7/2020 c25 Asilrettor
I can not get over the depth of this story.
The way Alex is behaving and all his thoughts about Chloe. I can even feel how much he unconsciously envy’s Chloë and her dads relationship. Even though you haven’t technically written that down
4/6/2020 c23 Asilrettor
I love the growing changes of perspective this whole situation is having on the kids. Because they’re not going to stay the same, things are going to change. Not everyone is going to immediately know what to do and what not to do
4/6/2020 c23 Asilrettor
Sorry, ran out of amount of reviews for the last chapter

But What’s a detritus?
4/6/2020 c22 Asilrettor
This was where you had written up to when I first started reading this fic

You’ve really come a long way
4/6/2020 c21 Asilrettor
I love this bit. I love, though, how you didn’t start with all the excitement as so many fics do.

You allow yours to grow and mature

It’s amazing
4/6/2020 c20 Asilrettor
It’s started!
4/6/2020 c20 Asilrettor
I love how you don’t just leave the way his classmates treated him alone. Like... it’s still part of the story if you know what I mean. It’s a really good viewpoint into ... well everything. I cannot get over how much I love you’re writing
4/5/2020 c19 Asilrettor
I love everything about this

This is the kind of fluff I love
It’s nice happy stuff for Alex before the storm hits the fan

Or whatever that saying really is.

On a side note not really about this chapter. My birthday is on 18 April and since where I am we are in lockdown so I’m just postponing the gift giving for another date. But I still like gifts. Anyway. I’m turning 20 and if you get something out for me that would be really nice
No pressure I understand how real life works. Stuff is happening and other stuff happens and sometimes life just sucks. If you don’t feel like writing or you just can’t then don’t worry about it
4/5/2020 c18 Asilrettor
I always thought they didn’t address fully all the trauma and PTSD Alex went through
4/5/2020 c18 Asilrettor
I think a good author always has a sketchy google search history
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