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for Hell is Other People

8/3/2020 c33 Wow Alex
The scary part about this story is that you started writing it when I was 2. I-I don’t have any words. Just wow. Besides having over three thousand comments, you might want to check if you are the longest writing fan fiction writer. You must like in your late twenties at early thirties at least. Wow
7/14/2020 c33 Jennosaur
I would just like to say: thank you for continuing to write this absolutely stunning story! I've been following it from the start, so at this point it feels like a part of my life and something to look forward to. Don't feel bad for slower updates, we completely understand that life and writer's block get in the way! This story is absolutely incredible and we're so lucky you're working on it. Thank you so much for sharing!
7/12/2020 c11 20TundrainAfrica
Nice cliffhanger really
7/12/2020 c9 TundrainAfrica

That was me at that scene but tbh I kinda wantthem to know already coz I hate how they’re treating Alex
7/12/2020 c7 TundrainAfrica
I got back to Alex rider because of the TV series to see that you’re still updating this. I really love this story and I hope you’ll continue to write.
6/21/2020 c33 46carinims01
Okay, so I have a lot of feelings. A friend just sent me this fic two days ago, and I’ve put in HOURS reading it straight through. My Screen Time app says I read 12 straight hours yesterday. I love it so much. The writing is beautiful and clear and concise. The PLOT, oh my god, the PLOT. It’s just wonderful. I love it with every ounce of my being. Thank you so much. And, please, don’t worry about those people saying Alex is OOC. I think he’s VERY in character for a boy who’s been traumatized as much as he has been. I think you’ve done a fantastic job at portraying him. I can’t wait for more, and I hope you can update soon!
6/12/2020 c19 Bebe
Dude I've been reading this all day, how you've managed to write so much and so well is beyond me. This is amazing, imma spend all of tomorrow reading the rest!
6/6/2020 c33 Guest
This is amazing. I can't wait to see Alex give testimony. Really excited for the next chapter. Thanks so much for this story.
6/5/2020 c33 9Overlord of Sarcasm
Ya know, I gotta say I’m extremely impressed with your dedication in proving your friend wrong! 13 years, 400k words... quite a feat. Good job!

It’s a very good read, I’ll come back and check maybe every six months or so to see if it’s been updated. If it has, I of course HAVE TO reread the whole thing haha. Been following it for about twelve years and it’s been really fun to see your writing change over time.

I’m excited to see if there’s going to be a reunion with Chloe and her father or not, as well as if they will continue their friendship, start over, or drop it altogether

Anyhoo, good luck, stay safe and healthy out there and all that!
6/4/2020 c33 13Aneeta Potter
I just reread the whole of this for like the 6th time! It's such a good story and Alex is so well characterised. I started watching the tv show of Alex rider today and it was actually a lot more like this then the books. It's been really hard lately with everything going on, and work has been super challenging so it was great to have this story to escape too. Hope you're safe and well. Just wanted to say a big thank you for cheering up my day. Will be keenly looking out for a new update!
5/27/2020 c33 7Moonys.Padfoot68
When are you going to let us know whether or not this story is officially dead? You started it 13 yrs ago! I need to know! This story is amazing! Graphic, but amazing!
5/25/2020 c33 Guest
Please update soon!
5/24/2020 c33 Rachaelthefangirl
Idk why but for some reason I'm pretty sure I read the begining of this fanfiction like 2 times but never actually continued all the way¿ it's dumb of me because this is one of the most well written and beautiful fanfictions I've ever read. you understand the characters so deeply and you write them perfectly. I love it.
5/24/2020 c25 Moonys.Padfoot68
this is REALLY good!
5/22/2020 c19 Moonys.Padfoot68
this is super good. Sorry for saying he should be 16. Anyway...he should be 16. If you're following the right timeline.
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