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for Hell is Other People

4/3/2020 c4 Asilrettor
I love that. That’s definitely what people would think, and of course someone would notice weird things going on
4/3/2020 c3 Asilrettor
I loved it, I love how you portray how clever Alex, and the subtle interaction with new characters that will be important later is brilliant
4/3/2020 c2 Asilrettor
I love this chapter, the beginning of everything. I love how you don’t rush anything, you take your time, your detail and grammar is amazing
4/3/2020 c20 1Tedrenia
Omg this chapter was amazing I LOVED IT SO MUCH. I was practically bouncing during that fight scene, you built the tension so well!
4/3/2020 c1 Asilrettor
I think this is the fourth or fifth time I’m reading this. This is definitely my favourite fanfic, not just in the Alex rider fandom. Ever... your are an amazing author and I can’t wait for your next chapter, once you’re finished this I’m going to print this out so I don’t thane your keep using my data to read this awesome fic.
Keep writing, no matter what it is you are writing. You have such an amazing gift that God has given you.
4/2/2020 c18 Tedrenia
Omg, this is all new material! I didn't realise how much you'd written! I loved this chapter, I absolutely couldn't put it away and now i really really need to go to sleep! Thank you so much! Stay safe.
3/31/2020 c16 Guest
Have you had a brain hemorage or heamotoma cause your seriously nailing the description. Its different to any other headache. The only thing id include different is feeling like your skull is getting smaller while your brain stays the same size so you feel like your heads in a circular vice. And you remember that pain for years after, or at least i do cause i had over ten in six months so that might be more like post traumatic stress but oh well.
3/25/2020 c33 Guest
Oh my goodness I’m SO, SO, SO excited to see that you’ve updated this fic! I think I found this in 2016/2017 (?) and had thought it was already abandoned. I’m so happy to be wrong. Guess this says something about assuming!

I haven’t read the most recent chapter yet, but I wanted to leave a review and say that I remember being just so enraptured, and binged the whole thing when I was suppose to be studying for my finals.

I came back because I suddenly wanted to reread this fic, and it turned out that you’ve updated several chapters in the meantime? Thank you so much for bringing these characters to life, and wow - can I just say thank you for the update!

(OOT, but hope you stay safe during these times)
3/19/2020 c33 Guest
When do you update again?
3/8/2020 c33 Guest
Thanks for the new chapters!
3/6/2020 c33 Guest
When do you update again?
3/3/2020 c33 ripper34
Good chapter
2/28/2020 c33 Asilrettor
Thanks for writing this, I love getting emails about upcoming chapters os yours and you’re writing is so impressive It’s soooo worth the wait
2/27/2020 c33 3bastetwithacigarette
a story like this reignites my passion for reading and writing.
it's some of the most thoughtful, thorough, winding, expressive and sharp writing i've ever come across and it just sings off the page with images so vivid they play like a film in my imagination.
This is a truly beautiful work that deserves so much praise for all the effort that's gone into it. I first started reading this when you first started writing it, more than ten years ago now while the Alex Rider series was still being released.
It was the best Alex Rider fanfic then and it's still the best Alex Rider fanfic now. Seeing your style progress and develop over the years has been so exciting to watch.
I don't think thank you is enough for what you've done here but it's the only thing I can say: so thank you so so SO Very much for this story. And thank you for sharing it on AO3. I will most definitely be downloading and saving it to my library because it's a classic piece of literature as far as I'm concerned.
Thank you for persevering and continuing to write and sharing with us.
2/20/2020 c33 Guest
This is soooooo good! I literally just reread the entire thing and now I need to know what happens next! I love Tom as a character, but I love how you contrast all the kids with Alex and allow for some outsider pov of his messed up impressions of the world. Please write more soon, I need to find out more!
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