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for Hell is Other People

5/3/2007 c1 20Paloma Latina
Ooh.. can't wait for the next chpter. That was interesting. :)

5/2/2007 c1 1KreacherArmedWithAPen
Oh keep going! Update soon" *begs*
5/2/2007 c1 HawkEye DownUnder
very exciting - but dont forget about your other stories!

please update them all soon! :-)
5/2/2007 c1 11AbsolutAnda
How do you come up with these great stories?

You're definitely one of my favorite authors!

I can't wait to see how people react to Alex kicking ass in training.

It should be funny!

...and incredibly awkward for Alex...
5/2/2007 c1 Fox Behind The Mask
Great story so far, not suprising considering how good your other stories are. I can't wait to see how hard it is for Alex to blend in. Might we be seeing Wolf sometime in the future?
5/2/2007 c1 2Blacktangledheart92
I like it. Keep updating please
5/2/2007 c1 Aimed mischief
Lmao, I didn't like it; I TOTALLY LOVED IT! Awesome! ^_^ I just love Alex's humour in this :D
5/2/2007 c1 SoaringEagle
Wow, I'm liking the look of this fic, and am pleased to know that I am not the only one who considered what happened if his class went through military training, I was going to scribble something down, but am too busy with GCSEs, and so it all stayed in my head.

But now you're writing it, which makes it much easier. Can't wait for the next update.
5/2/2007 c1 Whateva
I'm so excited! Please post the next chapter!
5/2/2007 c1 4Emmeraude
I LOVE this new story! Poor Alex who is always being attacked! I can't wait for the moment when everyone is going to discover who alex trully is. I hope it'll be soon...

I think I'm going to like the sequel very much, that is if there will be NO great-beautiful-intelligent-superspy-american girl (like most of the alex fics that suck...).

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