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for Hell is Other People

8/25/2021 c34 1ShadyWillow
Shouldn't have reread it because I need the next chapter even more now
8/17/2021 c34 55ShadowPillow
Woah. I came on right when the epilogue is about to come out. I thought the story was finished, the way the chapter count came on. Anyway.

I wish I had parents like Gilda and Richard. But I guess that's part of the dream of fiction, isn't it? A lot of aspects of this story feel like that kind of dream. The soldiers and the adults. It's a really interesting interplay between the actual relationship between adults and children and the balancing act of being a child but also having real responsibilities in a difficult situation. I do feel that the adults are idealized. That's – not a bad thing. It's just a different kind of perspective. In a way, it's kind of beautiful to see how things should be. And it's also true, that Alex would have needed no less in order to accept this situation and really overcome it.

Gilda is a remarkably smart woman. I'd hope to be as smart and keen as her one day.

I just don't know if in real life people would care all that much. Eagle, Unit-K, then suddenly every unit in SAS. Manning, the hardass doctor, became the warm father. I understand it, but... We all have our nastinesses inside us. Manning still had the perfect responses, even when he was angry; his anger in that case was the perfect response. Here it was just a miscommunication that could be cleared up when they each figured out what was wrong and could vocalize it. Miscommunication is the root of a lot of problems irl – but for example I also think irl maybe someone like Manning in that position might not have had this "perfect response", might have cared a lot but also got very detached and clinical in the moment. He was exactly what Alex wanted and needed, if hidden temporarily, but I think in real life it's just not like that. That's what I mean by everyone being a little too perfect, particularly the "good" adults.

So ultimately, I feel that this story is not necessarily one to reflect all of reality, but instead to teach.

I found it very insightful.

I liked Gilda's thoughts on Alex's self-consciousness of his capability of manipulating other people.

The thing with the cupboard cutout as an escape route, and the whole dentist facade was very clever. I really especially liked the plot once we got out of the SAS camp and things started happening. It was no longer let's-beat-up-Alex but instead, oh Alex was actually beat up for a reason – not a good one, but a reason – and now we're going to blow up that f'ing reason in it's face and save the kid, long-term not just short-term. I liked that. And I really liked Chloe. I hope Alex gets to talk with her again and meet her in earnest. But it's true. Being in that area again... well, hell's bells, I don't know what's good for him and what's not.

Anyway, I look forward to that epilogue. I really hope Chloe is in it, since she needs a damn good send-off. You probably don't need any more praise after 4000 review, I'm just jotting down the content of my thoughts here, but I thought you were a really good writer too with a lot of smooth and clever transitions, and well thought-out ideas. I believe a lot of research has been put into this story. It fits together rather well and... huh, you know what, nevermind. I just liked it. I had a lot of thoughts and feelings. Kept reading, it was a lot longer than I thought it'd be but here I am at the end. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to that epilogue.
8/17/2021 c23 ShadowPillow
"There was even a little card tucked inside, on which Smithers had created an astonishingly close forgery of Ian's handwriting, reading 'to Alex, with love from Ian'" - very clever.

They aren't even fucking paying him? That's a detail I didn't remember from the books. When I was reading through this, I even had the thought "at least he's probably loaded from his work and won't have to get a job later on if he doesn't want to". Then I realized zip, nada, zilch. He got nothing. Damn.

100% exploitation of labor. I think I will be rereading the books in an entirely different light now.
8/16/2021 c21 ShadowPillow
The training probably also had another purpose than to just show Alex how useless his classmates are. It was probably also for this, as a last-ditch effort to make any potential hostages more useful to him too.
8/16/2021 c20 ShadowPillow
Hells bells. The moment he said "Sorry. No, the question is, if you're not outfitting me to fight these people off, what are you outfitting me for?" I figured it out. The RTI. All this stupid stuff. "Infiltration." Then as it went on, Alex had already figured it out too - once the cards had started to be lined up like that it made no sense otherwise. The RTI made no sense that way too, if he was supposed to be fending off people and not getting captured. So of course he was supposed to get captured. Fuck it.
8/16/2021 c19 ShadowPillow
"He felt safe here". Fucking Alex.

This fanfic makes me want to reread the entire Alex Rider series again. It's been so long.
8/16/2021 c12 ShadowPillow
Oh, huh, I thought it was pretty clear why Hawk was doing all that. Maybe because I've been reading it all in one go. It's a realistic response. Good that he had enough sense to realize that the kid he had been monstrozing in his head was still just a kid too.
8/16/2021 c4 ShadowPillow
Of course. Classic.
8/2/2021 c34 Emily
AHHHHHH i reread this and i forgot the cliff hangerrrrr

7/5/2021 c10 wolfwind42
Im starting to think that Hawk's problem isn't with Alex, its with MI6 making a 14 year old into a spy. Either that, or he's jealous that a 14 year old is better than him.
7/3/2021 c34 yaraedmonton
PLEASE update soon I NEED to know what's going to HAPPEN!
6/19/2021 c34 Guest
So good please update
5/15/2021 c34 2Cakemania225
omg I love this so much. I need a new update soooooon please
5/15/2021 c34 Kyokumi Sama
Thank you and best wishes to you~ :D
5/13/2021 c34 OMG
OMG A NEW CHAPTER! ₍₍ ( ゚ ゚ ) ⁾⁾

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