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for Family bloodlines

5/31/2019 c5 isobu
Minor spell check "Kekkei Genkai"
12/14/2012 c6 ABI-92
I really like your story so far, great job! Kabuto's las name is Yakushi by the way.
5/14/2012 c6 Lolli
Make the pairing naru hina
5/14/2012 c4 Houyu
Do naru hina do naru hina do it
5/14/2012 c4 Porly
Please do make hinata and naruto

A couple I'm sure a lot of people were late with voting
5/14/2012 c3 Darcy
Do hinaxnaru for me please
5/14/2012 c3 Foody
Please do hinata they make a cute couple
12/27/2011 c6 TheTansFriend02
please write more
12/22/2011 c6 real reviewer
just read a review you posted on karmas web, its funny to me you talk smack about a graet authors writing when you yourself are barely legible as a writer what a sad sad day.
7/27/2010 c6 1ArmyAssassin144
my vote is for same pairings in finals. Keep you the nice story. Hope it is off hiatus soon.
12/10/2009 c6 Anariel Phoenix Blade
Great story. I can't wait to read what happens next. Is jaraya the guy who is naruto's family? Please update soon. Also i vote no for the pairings in the match.
10/30/2009 c6 afallenheart
Please update as soon as possible! PLEASE!
10/7/2009 c6 2kin-kinna
Nice. I hope that you will continue with such stories. Thank you for reading this comment.
4/6/2008 c6 panther73110
I was wondering why Naruto mother's family doesn't want him is it because they think he is a demon?
4/4/2008 c4 yuuki kitsune again
yeah it me again do you have a beta? i dont know what a beta does can you tell me and i can probably fill in...well maybe
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