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1/4/2008 c2 23ChildInMe
I love your stories. Especially this chapter. UPDATE!
5/16/2007 c2 Dark Knight Gafgar
What the deuce?
5/11/2007 c1 Bukido-ka
Nice read. Really funny. Sounds like something I would write. That voice sounds like an ass, like my OC except that he's alive.

You really need to add more descriptions and how about a plot? Just some suggestions. Good day to you.
5/7/2007 c2 19x6bakablack9x
hey love the story! hope you write more soon!
5/7/2007 c2 13Heliosion
It was a giggle and Nagi will be in this fic. Nice not seen one of those before. Will continue to read and then make some points. Not read enough to see what your doing with this
5/7/2007 c2 6Black-Dax
yays, giraffe!

Ny ways, good story, I like it^_^

update, and btw if he's the father who's the mother, ne?

Put that in the next chappie...
5/5/2007 c2 12Master Masa Random
It seemed broken... yet wacky. I liked it, and didn't like it. I dunno, it just doesn't feel like a story, or even a oneshot, but more like a script... maybe describing facial expressions and what Nagi's doing... or... I dunno... good though, love the dialouge, just... I need something to be filled in between!
5/4/2007 c1 Master Masa Random
It's good... but 90% dialouge isn't always all that appealing... maybe start putting things in vivid descriptions... ooh! Start off by giving a critical eye to your characters and the setting! That's always a good start!
5/3/2007 c1 9Jennon-Donnon
I'm watching this... Like, after I manage to read through all the updates I haven't had the time to read. XD

Anyway, Issei... It can mean "spontaneous", or "voice". Heck, it can also mean a foreign immigrant! XP Goodluck.

So Issei made Nagi do that? Nice proposition.

Well, I'm off, as everyone always seems to do.
5/3/2007 c1 meirus
i think the big guy's name was yuuma.

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