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for Naruto vs Sasuke: The Aftermath

1/16 c78 matrixtrux77
I love this story, I would like Naruto to do some of these combos from this video watch?vPO36dBp1dlo

Yes, they are very op, xd but I would like to see them in your story, if you want of course
1/16 c79 matrixtrux77
1/16 c79 5jerniman
Great story, can’t wait to see what happens next. Your writing has improved from the beginning, keep up the good work.
1/11 c22 1CocoRich
Anko’s lover is Asuma sensei I think! Kakashi and Kurenai need to communicate better because is a whole lot mess now. Well I hope Sakura get better and Inoichi get better. Well hope Choji find love but without Ino loool I ship Inosai so
1/11 c20 CocoRich
Poor Lee, I feel so sorry for Him. And knowing Naruto deal with it during years make me love him more, He’s such a good friend. And kakashi and Kurani both a really smart but dumb when iy come about their feelings, at least they’re the same
1/11 c19 CocoRich
Gai is punshing Kakashi’s button maybe to hard but it is for the best. I wonder what happened between Anko and Kurenai well well. Tsunade better get her man and her grandson real quick.
1/10 c18 CocoRich
Our 14 genins are hot hot hot. Well I don’t like Sakura but I feel sorry for her a lil bit, yeaaaaah she needs to do better, now she’s in love with Naruto liiike gurl, who do you love back then and now?
1/10 c16 CocoRich
Loooong chapter, Hinata don’t dare leaving our guy again, thank to Neiji for knocking some sens in Naruto. And Hinata wanting to jump Naruto’s bones we are there for it !
1/8 c22 Thoughts
I am starting to hate tsunade for all her manipulations and shit...
1/8 c21 True facts
I like jiraya best. He has the right perspective towards that sakura bitch..and doesnt let tsunade walk all over him.
I seriously dont undersatand why tsunade liked sakura and took her as an apprentice because they dont have any kind on relationship...tsunade only came to konoha for naruto and jiraya...where did that bitxh sakura come into her life even?
1/10 c15 CocoRich
I got the Star trek reference the first and Ichigo well Bleach. Hiashi is crazy hmpfff
1/8 c13 Alternative
Damn it... i really wished sakura died. But i should have known better...i cant get it that no one ever kills her in the first episode of their fic cause of how she treated naruto...i would have killed her in the most gruesome way possible...
1/10 c14 CocoRich
Tsunade needs to fix things with Jiraya like yesterday. Naruto is soooo cute loool,bad toughts, bad thoughtsso innocent. Hinata and Ino are my fav noooow, they’re so cute my God. Mon pauvre petit Lee il est toujours si positif mais Tenten a raison Tsunade va trouver une solution.
1/10 c13 CocoRich
You warned us looool. Well poor Sakura at least now she can free herself from Sasuke, but it’s too late for wishing to be Naruto. It is funny Naruo is living rent free in Sasuke’s head, the amount of time is thinking about him is funny, maybe is more like with Oroshimaru
Well if he can stat away of Hinata with his filthy hand.
1/10 c12 CocoRich
Hiashi is such an asshole, always thinking aside or only for his interest. Im glad Hinata stood for her love only. Kakashi trying to do better with Naruto is a great deal tooo and Sakura is sakura lool dumb and delusional.
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