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for Naruto vs Sasuke: The Aftermath

12/2 c1 Guest
uhhh it's jiraya's idea of kakashi teaching sasuke.
12/1 c80 Guest
I hope that you were inspired to Write Again

God bless you
12/1 c80 Guest
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10/30 c80 blizzard
continuation PLLEEAASSSEEE! !
11/1 c61 35SHUN-XAN
I can confidently say... this was the WORST lemon I've ever read. Like holy shit nigga this was just awful on so many damn fucking levels to the point its impressive.

I heard this story was shit, i heard this lemon was shit, but nothing prepared me for this abomination.

Never write again nigga
10/26 c80 1Uchihia Jin Sakai
Wow ! One of the greatest stories to ever grace naruto fanfiction in it's history , at some points there were errors but every story does, nothing to be discouraged about I loved every single chapter I was LEGENDARY! Also can you promise me you'll complete the story or atleast kill off sasuke because a lot of authors drop the story due to lack of motivation and time me being a prime example.
10/6 c80 Guest
Love it! Can’t wait for the next chapter!
9/27 c1 CHILD PORN
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9/6 c2 maalik
sorry i can't read this, why did you turn all the characters into -1IQ naruto simps?
9/6 c1 maalik
I like kyuubi's slightly crazed personality here, although its a bit weird how he's standing up for naruto whilst simultaneously threatening to kill him lmao.

the biggest problem in this chapter is one of power scaling. Words cannot express how much it irritates me to see Kyuubi being underestimated. Holding KID naruto in life support is supposedly depleting the Nine tails' reserves? seriously?

wtf. I mean, the kyuubi
- Can cause natural disasters by simply moving around
- Can match the power of bijuus 1-7, with half of its power.
- Less than half of whom can power naruto through MULTIPLE Legendary Kage Edo tenseis, and still empower the entire shinobi alliance with one tail of Bijuu Chakra and still keep going, at which Hashirama remarked "Damn thats almost as much chakra as me"

Hashirama: The guy that Beat the FULL kyuubi and EMS madara and his Perfect susanoo at the same time, who literally CREATED the finally valley which naruto is fleeing from

and Kurama has more than twice his chakra. And he cannot keep a shitty little genin alive for a few minutes?
do you realise how dumb this sounds
9/6 c1 maalik
my good man, I came to give you a follow and a review solely because of the proud sakura bashing you mentioned in the description.

I am glad this tradition lives on, and I will now begin reading the story to further savour the joy of seeing sakura take a brutal beating.
8/31 c1 PandoraOfVanity
I knew something was wrong when in chapter 1 kakashi a sociopathic assasin cried from kurama’s taunts. After reading some of the reviews i realized this was complete shit so I reccomend that anyone reading this review just drops this ff
7/29 c80 Helper

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5/9 c80 SuadamPanyuthapum
Still cannot wait for chapter 81 to release.
4/26 c80 Guest
Quando posterai il prossimo capitolo? L'attesa mi sta uccidendo!
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