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for Naruto vs Sasuke: The Aftermath

11/11/2022 c16 Guest
this story would extremely good if you HADN'T PAIRED naruto with hinata
11/4/2022 c80 Scorpio
What a fantastic story, really well written. I really dig the portrayals you're doing with all of the characters. They're very believable as I can easily see them acting the way you've written them. I'm eagerly awaiting the release of the next chapter.
11/2/2022 c1 ShaheedKings3000
10/29/2022 c80 unknobat
im glad you dont bash characters as much or make disgusting horrific child rape scenes.. but im most glad to see your writings improved alot more than the last time ive read ur fanfic and was left traumatized xd
10/23/2022 c80 5jerniman
Nice update. Glad to see the story is still going.
10/15/2022 c80 GrimStormWind
Can’t wait for more
10/14/2022 c73 GrimStormWind
I love the story
10/2/2022 c46 GrimStormWind
Love the story and I’m so sorry about your father
9/25/2022 c30 GrimStormWind
Great as always
9/23/2022 c80 Junebug
I love this story! I always get excited when a new chapter comes out because I always know it's going to be an entertaining read. Please hurry with the next update.
9/9/2022 c3 aoiishi
It's a bit weird here that later in the chapter, you mention how Neji almost died (because he was literally on the verge of death with a hole in his shoulder) yet when Naruto was being brought into surgery, he was talking to the others standing against a wall. He was unconscious and near death during this mission and needed emergency healing so I doubt that the small amount of time between him being retrieved and Naruto being retrieved was enough time for him to be healed and awake to talk during then.
9/6/2022 c79 Sara of the Sky
I cannot believe how good this story is! It blows my mind how many mini stories you have going on with so many of the other Naruto characters that intermixes so well with the main story. You are definitely one of the most talented writers I've come across on this website. Ignore any of the haters, as they are usually jerks who have never written anything themselves. I'm so looking forward to the next chapter to see what happens to Sasuke. As Naruto appears to be hell bent to finally kill him and then move on with his life with Hinata and their kid.
9/6/2022 c80 legitperson
I'm sorry but its 2022 and people still reads this shit fanfic?
9/5/2022 c80 llandry43
Well I have to say I really enjoyed this chapter. Usually I do not like long chapters because I tend to get a little bored with how things typically get dragged out. Definitely not the case here. The way you flip flopped back and forth between different aspects of the story kept me completely engaged and actually disappointed when I found myself at the end of the chapter. I will patiently wait in eager anticipation of the next installment. Thanks for being such a marvelous writer.
9/1/2022 c80 Guest45721
Thank you! More please
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