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for Naruto vs Sasuke: The Aftermath

5/21/2007 c6 3FreeTheKyuubi
Good stuff, I liked the Naruto/Hinata thing, and the ending was great. Poor Shizune. Keep it up.
5/21/2007 c6 lightshadow33
adorable interaction between naruto and hinata. curious to see what naruot's training will consist of. good luck with moving to your new home
5/19/2007 c5 7dreamlifter
really fast with the romance and much much sakura hate
5/19/2007 c1 dreamlifter
loved the experimental nature of this story. great job comming up with a new idea of kyuubi being able to talk and confront kakashi
5/14/2007 c5 lightshadow33
Brillant story, i enjoy the first chapter Kyuub and Kakashi interaction, where the evil demon look out for his kit health woth out being the nice guy. By driving in some home truth, i always felt naruto was underestimated, by Kakash which never got, since he got a large chakra supply, and determination to survie that village. especalliy since if he Yondaime's son which you agree with. while i like sakura as character, i love fanfic where she a evil bitch and get's her just deserts. and it's a new twist. to have the whole Haruno family involve in the bashing. while last chapter was nice to have a break from the angst, i eager to see naurto aftermath of what happen to him

so please write more soon
5/11/2007 c5 3FreeTheKyuubi
Not bad, I enjoyed the interaction between Kakashi and Kurenai immensly. One thing though, you might want to consider putting thoughts in italics and using ' to mark insted of ". It makes it alot easier to tell when they're thinking and when they're speaking. Other than that, it was pretty good, and Im looking forward to more.
5/8/2007 c4 FreeTheKyuubi
Hey, no worries. A good cliffie here and there is good for people. But man, all the Haruno's are assholes in this. It's awsome. Looking forward to more. And thanks for the props, though I personaly think your story has a better plot than mine.
5/7/2007 c3 1KunochiDreamer
Good chapter.
5/6/2007 c3 3FreeTheKyuubi
Man, Kakashi was pissed. Can't really blame him though. Well keep up the good work. I put in a good word for you in my latest chapter. I am hoping it will get some others to check out your story, because I think it diserves more credit than it's getting.
5/4/2007 c2 FreeTheKyuubi
I don't know why you don't have more reviews. Your story looks like it has a good plot going, and it is well written. Far better than some of the other crap that seems to pop up on both plot and writing. I guess people are just strange. Well I hope you dont get discouraged, and will continue to write. I would like to see more of this.
5/3/2007 c1 FreeTheKyuubi
Definitly interesting. Are you going to somehow have the kyuubi throwing guilt trips on everyone or was that more of a one time thing. I will be looking forward to where you take this.
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