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6/11/2013 c31 XAnimeXOtakuX
Yeah, so, when are you going to update? Cause, it's just that i really fell in-love with time-after-time, even though it's just dabbles and one-shots and all but super love it. /w/
11/3/2011 c31 Freesia
Haha, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing - err, reading, about Narumi being complimented by Mikan. I don't think two years is actually a big deal, but I guess if you reach that certain age, it makes a heckload lot of difference. Oh well. XD I'm suprised Narumi apparently knows Mikan's mother. Wonder how they met under these different circumstances.

Crap, I sense a love triangle coming on. Oh my. Why have you left us with a... well, sort of cliffhanger? I can't believe this, please continue. And just when things were about to get interesting, too. Do update if you can. I'm sure a lot of people are still waiting. :)
11/3/2011 c30 Freesia
Well I don't quite understand how this fits. This doesn't follow the last story, does it? From what I can gather, this follows canon instead, with Natsume once again risking his life in doing the missions for the Academy. And, well, subjecting Mikan to another several days of horror, since she'll have to wait for him to come back.

Poor Mikan. I wonder if anyone could be as strong as she is, to keep herself together despite everything. :(
11/3/2011 c29 Freesia
That was delightful. I'm a huge fan of Narumi, and it makes me happy to see him appear here, no matter how small his role might be. And come to think of it, he and music seem to go well together, no? Yes, I believe they do. :)

I can't believe Mikan got Sumire as her roommate. I feel bad for her again! And just when things were starting to look up, too... XD Nah, I'm jesting. Hopefully they won't kill each other over a certain crimson-eyed young man. :P
11/3/2011 c28 Freesia
Oh my gosh. I'm not exaggerating when I say that shivers ran down my spine after I found out what happened to Mikan's mother. That's just - oh my gosh. That was pretty nasty. That shouldn't have happened so close to her graduation day! Scratch that - that shouldn't have happened at all! Oh my. I feel so bad for her. :(
11/3/2011 c27 Freesia
Well. Let me begin by saying how much the length of this particular chapter surprised me. Just that I got used to the shorter drabbles during the last few chapters. XD

I actually cracked up when you said that the 'star' that Mikan is supposed to be interviewing is Sumire Shouda. Ah, yes, the stuck up Sumire, still snobbish as usual. Pretty perfect for the role, I think! ;)

Anyway, I thought this was nicely done. Kind of shows that although their love had to go through so much, it still lingered and went BAM! when they saw each other again. I like that although Mikan is grossly forgetful sometimes, her heart didn't forget how much she loves Natsume. Aw, that's so cheesy. But, yeah. XD

Great piece. :)
11/3/2011 c26 Freesia
Just for the record, I'm very much into RukaHotaru (although NatsumeHotaru is fast replacing that!), so I really liked that you included them in this particular drabble. It's just nice to see that they also ended up together. :)

And hey, a new child! I think that's the most perfect gift Mikan can give Natsume. :D
11/3/2011 c25 Freesia
Hey, it's almost Christmas as I'm reading this! Well, almost, haha. I thought this was very nicely done. That their ultimate happiness is simply being together - aww, but this is really very sweet. Unlike what you think, it's not crappy at all! It's a pretty perfect Christmas for them. :)
11/3/2011 c24 Freesia
You DO love the rain, don't you? XD Anyway, I'm surprised to know that you made Youichi their child in this story. Frankly I still remember how much that kid hates Mikan and her guts, so yeah. It makes it oddly funny for me, imagining Mikan to be his mother. Oh well. He's long accepted Natsume to be a sort of father material, so I guess it's okay. :)
11/3/2011 c23 Freesia
Haha, this was really cute. Actually I think it'd be rather symbolic if Mikan wore down her hair only if Natsume asked her to. Goes to show how much he means to her, somewhat. Very nicely done.

Although I guess it kinda sucks that even Hotaru, who's supposed to be the best friend, can't convince Mikan to do it. Ah well. The wonders of the world. XD
11/3/2011 c22 Freesia
Ah, this was nice; a good shift from the, well, sadness of the previous one. It actually makes me smile to realize that throughout Mikan's life, Natsume is one of the people who witness how she changed and grew up into the wife that he now knows.

Very sweet. :)
11/3/2011 c21 Freesia
Crap, why didn't Natsume say goodbye to Mikan? Ow, he really shouldn't have let her know it from someone else! I mean, there's already the torture of her waiting for him, wondering if he'll be coming back alive and all...

This was really sad. :(
11/3/2011 c20 Freesia
A serenade! How lovely! I actually wonder if Natsume could play a guitar, considering I remember being told that he doesn't play the violin (?) according to some chapter in the manga. Regardless, I still found this cute, and very sweet of him. Indeed, he can be romantic if he chooses to. :)
11/3/2011 c19 Freesia
The first few lines broke my heart just a little; I don't know why. Maybe because it was because of the awareness in Natsume that he's the one making Mikan cry. It's pretty sad, but it's something they have to deal about. :(

The ending is rather depressing. She's still waiting for his return? Damn that's a long mission. Anyway. I hope it all gets well for both of them. :)
11/3/2011 c18 Freesia
Hey, this was pretty sweet! That Natsume woke up much earlier to prepare something for his wife - aww. That makes it really worthy of a romantic sigh. I like this one. :)
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