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1/30/2011 c12 5mimi-chan and aliling-chan
I like Kuwabara's line "Despite their differences, they're now bound together by guilt and grief. In this moment, at least, they are brothers." Of all the fics I read, nobody ever said such a beautiful line! I like it! Even though it's yaoi or shounen ai. As long as that line is there, I can't even calm myself! I luv it!
8/10/2010 c12 hitsuni
I remember reading this really really really long ago o_o

Somehow i find myself wandering back to reading YYH fanfiction... Amazing read. It really is. Very powerful, emotional. I really love it.

This is kind of the best ending. (Though i would really very much love to see a continuation of both Hiei and Yusuke sharing Kurama after going Reikai to find his soul. Of course, that might just spoil everything that you have built up : so i guess it's not possible.)

I really do hope to see more fanfic writings from you! And all the best for your original writings!
10/19/2009 c12 47Kurama no Miko2003
That was so depressing, but it was such an appropriate end! To write it that Kurama ends up with Hiei or Yuusuke seems a little too stereotypical (Hiei) or too optimistic (Yuusuke). I really like the way you brought the dream around full circle; for a while I thought it was an enemy attack. Great story!
1/18/2009 c12 YpsiLuft
OMG! Are you going to end like this? It's the most tragic fiction I've ever read. I know that this ending made sense a lot. But I still can't stand because my precious Kurama died. ToT You know I cried when I read this phrase

“Shh!” I shoot my sister a glare, staring coldly through the tears. “He said he wanted rest. You have to be quiet.”

Oh my poor Hiei. He's gone completely out of his mind. ToT

I love your fic so much even if it hurts me a lot.Cuz I like tragedy a lot. sigh* I'm looking forward to the crow's call pls update soon. I'm going to read another fic of yours.
1/14/2008 c12 23tntfriday13
OMG! this is the best tragity I have EVER read! I give it 10/10
12/1/2007 c12 Avliss
That was a horribly sad ending!

Poor Kurama-kun!

...liked the story though. really nice:)
11/11/2007 c12 kittyfoxy
The end is fair and square. Kurama died and he didn’t have to choose. Hiei and Yusuke surely will spend quite a lot of time to mourn and think about what they have done.

I think Hiei told Yukina to shut up because Kurama said he wanted to rest is tragic. He definitely out of his mind.

It ended perfectly…
9/19/2007 c12 23borderline-mary
Jesus effing *Christ*. You evil creature. I think I (temporarily) hate you.

That - I don't know that I'm articulate enough right now to express the depths of my stun. That was the absolute worst way this love triangle could end - with Kurama dead and neither of the other two to ever have him. I'm going to cry for a week.

That said, it was indeed a satisfactory wrap-up of the story. Somehow. o.o I have to go save a copy to my laptop so I can read it again in about half an hour...
9/19/2007 c12 36Gemenice
Damn this is so sad, but also... perfect. i really really loved it. You did a really good work. Damn... I feel like crying poor Kurama. Really good.
9/18/2007 c12 111ladyasile
OMG! such a sad ending! i knew this was going to happen! i di like your idea of making kurama die instead of choosing or having them both. it is rarely used. i did love the ending, even if it was sad. a perfectly well-written fic. you deserve more reviews! :-) thanks for the awesome fic and experience! bye!
9/18/2007 c12 4happen0stance
I think part of my heart...just died. This was beautiful. During the lead to his actual death I'm thinking 'A death ending? Will that leave it hanging and anticlimatic?' But I think that last line tied everything up beautifully, "In this moment, at least, they are brothers. That was just beautiful. I'm really sad this ended (and sad that both Yusuke AND Hiei are now alone and our lovely fox dead)

This was such a brilliant story and I loved every second of it and I think you made a right choice with the ending; not having him choose one over the other. And the picture you wrote of Hiei rocking in pain, crying was absolutely wonderful, and so emotional. It really was brilliant.

Thank you so much for this wonderful story, I am so very glad i read it ^^
9/18/2007 c12 22happydemonhobo
Though I kind of expected Kurama's death, I'm still speechless...good job with the anguish.
9/18/2007 c12 19KyoHana
It was EVERY bit as poignant, as beautiful, as heartwrenchingly sad as the first time around. And of course, the final line... just perfect to end this story.

BRAVA, again, my dear, BRAVA!
9/17/2007 c11 11BlueUtopiah
Sniff...only one more chapter? But it seems like there's so much ground to cover? I honestly don't know who Kurama will end up with, if he even ends up with anyone. For some reason, I still have this ominous feeling - Hiei's dream did that to me.

I can't wait!
9/10/2007 c11 19KyoHana
Ah, the lead-in to the climax of this beautifully poignant story. And it couldn't be a better one. You truly know how to write from your characters POVs - keeping them all so IN character. You make the reader have sympathy for them; cheer them on; rant at them; etc. - a wonderful feat for ANY writer.
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