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7/14/2012 c5 RavenWeavesTales
Wicked story! *iz a proud whumper* Ya whumped Ronon and Teyla with flowers...freaking brill. Loved the emo whump for John and Rodney too. *smirks* Snickered at the image of Ronon as a 'flower child' and McKay squawking about 'flower power'. hehe Well done. Cheers! }:O

5/30/2008 c5 Space1Traveler
Its different to see Ronon laid low in the imfirmary for a long time.

Great whump! Sheppard taking Ronon's place with the pacing was a spark of genius.

Thanks for sharin this with me.
5/19/2008 c5 Unknown User - username lost
YAY! You finished! (You just barely avoided killing me with the suspense) Loved it! Thanks for writing!
3/6/2008 c3 Unknown User - username lost
Okay this is still a review for chapter four, but it wouldn't let me do it there. Now, onto business.

Where are you! Write more!
2/23/2008 c4 Unknown User - username lost
NO! RONON! You have to write more, I might die if you don't. Honest, I just might keel over dead if you don't add more. Do you really want to be responsible for the death of an innocent girl?

This is a great fic. I love it *jumps up and runs around the room singing*.
7/24/2007 c3 15flah7
Not looking good for Teyla or Ronon.

Poor sheppard got the more difficult job it seems, in some ways.

Go Rodney, get them out of there.
7/22/2007 c3 5Chaotic Jinx
OMG! TEYLA! NO! Well this sucks. You know, as soon as you started talking about the wired decomposing hyeina thing i was thinking "wait a second, if there is one, there must be more of those things, right?" And then BAM! TEYLA IS ATTACKED! Awesome. Well, aparenlty the poisen affects you even if its only in contact with your skin eh? Wow, powerfull shit.

I loved the pep talk John gave Ronon. The whole 'I'm ORDERING you to stay alive' attitude, priceless, lol.

WELL! Once again you've left me with a cliff hanger. And i will forgive you IF you UPDATE SOON!

Cant wait for more chikadee. Untill next time...

7/16/2007 c2 Chaotic Jinx
DUDE! Friken hell. DO you know about cliff hangers or what! You HAVE to update soon, i am on the absolute EDGE of my seet here, this is as good as an episode of stargate atlantis. Ever considered being a writter for the show eh? WOW! I am SO impressed right now. OK! So up date real soon please? The suspence is killing me!


7/16/2007 c2 15flah7
that was great. Little shop of Horrors! Audry Jr. Fantastic stuff.

the dialogue at the end was fantastic.

Short straw stays...they'd rather go the place of deadly plants than sit idle. Seems very fitting.
7/10/2007 c1 108mcatB
Good start - and I love the man-eating plants!
5/10/2007 c1 5flubber
I enjoyed the story.

I liked the way that didn't say at first who had been attacked. It made me want to keep reading. I also like the way that you showed Ronon's feelings. It was really atmospheric.

I also liked the way that you didn't say what had attacked him. It again added to the atmosphere!

Is there going to be any more to this story, as I found the ending a little odd. Apart from that it was a good story.

Thank you for this!


5/7/2007 c1 1spacegates
Interesting start! I thought Rodney's reaction to the plant was funny but in character. Do you know how many chapters this story is going to be and how regularly you're going to update it? Need some clues here as I'm in an impatient mood today lol! :D
5/7/2007 c1 15flah7
Man stinging plants-not good, not good at all for the team.

Fun chapter. Nice insight into Ronon from Rodney's POV

The characters were fantastic.

Hope more soon.

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