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9/6/2019 c6 SabannaLea
Please update soon because this is getting good!
3/23/2017 c6 Guest
12/7/2015 c6 skyeza
Loved it, please continue updating this amazing story. More Itachi... Please.
11/21/2014 c6 6xxSnowxxAngelxx
OMG this story is awesome so far! Please update soon, I am simply DYING to know what Sasuke's reaction to Harry wearing Itachi's old clothes is and also how he takes the news about Itachi's true motives for that night!
4/15/2014 c6 17LittleOne94
Please Update! it has been so many years since you last updated!
8/13/2013 c6 5Lunary
Okay also a new aspect to one story or in this case two worlds.

Uhm did Draco kiss Blaize by the way?

8/5/2013 c6 AquilaPallas129
I hope sasuke doesn't get angry...
5/22/2013 c6 7rmiser1994
nice writing so far :) Wonder what happens next!
12/22/2012 c6 4ShatteredDragon
awww! why you leave it there?!
11/30/2012 c6 2saranya1555
hi, it is good fic, continuation please
9/3/2012 c6 Guest
Plz plz plz plz plz plz plllllzzzzzzzz update soon, i love the idea behind this fanfic!
8/5/2012 c6 1TheScarlettShadows
amazing. This is going really well. Keep up the good work!
11/8/2011 c6 3Oceane Meldagon
Oh please continue this story! It has a really good plot and you write so well!
10/5/2011 c6 12Ichigo Mirai
this is really really good! wonder what'll happen next... please update soon!
8/27/2011 c6 5Narutard180
if u love us (your fans that is)grace us with an update I beg of you
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