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for Happily Ever After

5/11/2007 c3 3so.fabulous
Wow, I really like this story so far! There aren't enough MJHarry fics out there. :] Hopefully yours will start a trend. Keep up the good work, sweetheart!
5/10/2007 c1 1thenandnow
I agree with Danny Phantom that Harry acted super cute after he lost his memory. ^_^ I wanted to hug him, lol, and it's nice how you kept his innocence in this story.
5/10/2007 c3 77Danny Phantom SG-1
Yay for taking my advice! This really does add to the story in a positive way because it shows her ever-growing love and concern for Harry to better establish that relationship. Nice job. Prob point: "My first instinctive that was..." should just be "My first instinctive was...". Sorry if I read that in school and didn't point it out earlier. You know how Mr. K gets if we read/talk/do anything but listen and sing in choir! :P Nice chapter and I can't wait for more of this story to see where it is really headed.

5/9/2007 c2 Danny Phantom SG-1
Wow...absolutely beautifully written! I feel almost compelled to start liking MJ and relate to her...close, but no cigar, I'm afraid. Still hate her. He's stinkin' Spider-Man, girl! Of course he's gonna be gone a lot; he's SAVING PEOPLE! If you can't handle dating a hot (well, to an extent, I suppose), muscular guy in tight polyester, leave him for me. I'll take him as long as Venom is not infesting his suit (Lord help us if Pete starts dancing in the streets again!) Anyway, I hate Bernard, too (not the way you're writing, btw, just as characters!). Crazy old butler; it's all his fault! :P I love the moments with MJ and Harry because Harry seems so sweet and innocent after he "hit his head." as he so affectionately put it. The editor in me feels compelled to point out: in the first paragraph, "If you don't like it, than, please..." should be THEN, not THAN and "I though that Peter Parker..." should be "I THOUGHT that..."

Now, very nice story and I'm so glad I don't regret faving it! (yet...:(...JK, of course) This story is really helping me feed my need for Spider-Man right now. Very nice job and I'll see you tomorrow!
5/9/2007 c2 1thenandnow
Aw, I loved it!
5/9/2007 c2 2Doktor-Gonzo
oh wow...you've started this off beautifully!

love your descriptions and how you've re-created both Harry and M.J. (yes, even Bernard n_n)

i really don't know what else to say than EXCELLENT!

keep it up ^^-b
5/9/2007 c1 alb29
ha ha!

love it already!
5/9/2007 c1 Annie
God I was actually willing for MJ to get with Harry through like the entire movie! Update soon!
5/9/2007 c1 77Danny Phantom SG-1
Whoa, didn't think you would get this up so fast! Also, this is a first *cries in happiness* I've never had a story dedicated to me before! Been thanked in the A/N: yes. Dedicated: no. Not until *sobs* NOW! So far it's nicely written, but did ya have to go and dedicate a story about fickle little MJ to me? JK, of course! Poor Spider-Man...but poor Harry, too. I would definitely stick w/ Petey, though and not keep jumping back and forth *coughMJcough* Well, I think I'd better stop now that my review is longer than your story so far...

Nicely done and *tear* thank you!

5/9/2007 c1 2Doktor-Gonzo

an M.J. x Harry fic n_n

i do so love this pairing much more than her being with Peter; and therefore was greatly saddened with the end of the new movie.

ah well...that's what is for!

hope you update on this soon, for the prologue has intrigued me.

- jIma
5/8/2007 c1 2kobe24

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