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for Neptune's Girl

8/29/2011 c1 Mimz
10! Terralyn rocks!
8/24/2011 c22 lasisterd
whyy? i WANT to know more! Please please please please the second book!
9/9/2009 c4 3Tsuri-Born
9/9/2009 c3 Tsuri-Born
What about Apollo?
8/10/2008 c24 8elnochesesmuybonito
heyy! speaking of other stories, have you updated ghost? and silen night is an awsome story! ill help you spread the word! ;)
8/7/2008 c24 4Italiangurlinamessedupworld
I love all your stories!

So I kind of just went past the preveiws... but still, all your stories rock!

Well, I think they do.

keep writing,

7/26/2008 c23 8elnochesesmuybonito
good story! little late reading it...but can u plz tell me weather or not neptune came for her? it is killing me, adn also, let me know if i'm right- did the locket hold all of Neptunes emotions?
5/7/2008 c23 2bordeauxdaffodill
hey, there! I finally got back on fanfiction to finish reading! I have to say the ending was a little bit of a let down, but I can't think of another way it really could have gone... so, props to you! Ciao and thanks for writing!

wren 'v'
2/24/2008 c23 Lastseen.07
AH! weirdish kind of ending, i liked it but it was a slight let down. advice from writer to writer...try a more real ending next time i felt there were to many cliff hangers. like how did she get her voice back, did neptune lose his gods powers? i am guessing the locket was his heart but maybe you could have had a realish ending, you know. too much was left to the reader and as a writer and reader it can be annoying. But i clap for your style and creativity.
2/7/2008 c23 7LaLaFaery
Yes! I loved the ending! It was JUST like a great myth! Really awesome!
2/6/2008 c23 2Ihaconch
Well, you killed off another one. Are you proud of yourself? lol.
2/4/2008 c22 random2one
Great story! I really enjoyed reading it!
2/4/2008 c23 7UsagiMiyuki
yay alexa! luvs u!
2/4/2008 c22 4Italiangurlinamessedupworld
aw... i hope their together... will you make an epilogue?
2/4/2008 c22 1Esca249
amazing ending i really enjoyed your story any others you decide to write in the future i will most definantly take a look.
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