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for L's mini vacation!

4/26/2017 c11 SP777
This was fun!
6/30/2007 c11 19Cooper Writer Crafter
Very well-made entertainment. The comedic anecdotes are humorous and detailed. You managed to retain the interest of each reader of your story. The chapters are flourished with long paragraphs that are both descriptive and creative. I congratulate your for this literary achievements. The characters remained canon and I could easily picture them doing the crazy stuff you mentioned.

-Writer of Sorts, Harley Cooper-
6/2/2007 c11 6tsuhiyo
Cool Bit of work here! ^_^ Oh yeah, I'm Deception P. As well. Just so you don't think 'that' one forgot you! *lol*
6/2/2007 c11 10kasai tenshi
this was a great story...just loved it

my fave part was when light thought "kira please take me" or smth like that and when they freaked that little kid at the teacups XDXDXD

and not to forget L's colored little candies drug-like XD
6/1/2007 c11 11Kirux
OMG! I can't believe I didn't get the pants thing until you mentioned it! That's hillarious. Don't worry; as much as I love yoai, I like fluff and awkward situations MUCH better.

This was a wonderful story, and I'm kinda sad to see it end. Great work all teh way through.

Can't wait for your next story!

5/31/2007 c11 pinguina
lol, meh like i must watch you 0-0
5/31/2007 c11 5Mina Lilith
Oh man, that was a funny story! Good job X3 I'm really looking forward to the next one you were talking aobut! I'd love to see L try and handle a little kid XD
5/31/2007 c10 6False-Image
Hahahah! This fanfic is so funny! I love L! He's so cute ^_^ I like their riduculous break out, hahaha
5/31/2007 c10 11Kirux
Oh my! Evil fangirl smile? I know that smile...I wear it all the time. I hope the cops don't have any proof left. I hope Raito goes without pants for awhile and L takes advantage of that situation for lovely yoai results.

I still love this story,

5/30/2007 c6 tsukia-chan
OMG this is the funniest fic for DN ivve ever read!

5/30/2007 c3 tsukia-chan
5/30/2007 c10 pinguina
lol, what pants? oh...nevermind
5/30/2007 c9 pinguina
lol"kirasayswhat" i hate it when people do that to me,
5/30/2007 c10 1toooldforthissite
LOL. This was the best... I really enjoyed the Raito torture parts. ^^ But actually, L is 110 pounds and Raito is 119 pounds. So, I think that's still pretty light for a guy who's 5'9"... Although, L is also 5'9" so I suppose he's even lighter. o.o Yeah...

Also, when a new person starts talking you should make a new paragraph.

That's all. :D

Please update soon! I've got to know what happens, this is so funny! ^^

5/30/2007 c10 4Zombie-Genesis

So perfect that it should have been in the manga.

I love this story ^_^ At first I didn't want to read many comedy Death Note fics because I was afraid they may spoil the characters but I really enjoyed this.

By the way, L is not a teen if you weren't already aware; he's 25!
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