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5/18/2007 c1 66shawn-n-belle
aww, though i was not a fan of MJ and Harry together this was actually pretty good. I pray that MJ would have acted the same way if it had been Peter who died that day, but whatever. This is really good!
5/15/2007 c1 77Danny Phantom SG-1
Nice little touch. Poor Harry! Where'd Pete go? He sort of disappeared, I guess. There was one point where you said "it's" when you meant "belongs to it" so you would put "its". Just sayin'. I suppose this is nice and cute to everyone else who reads this...it's got a teensy bit too much MJ for me...*wink*. :P

5/14/2007 c1 lcamca
im all emotional now. clever how you put the kiss in there.

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