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5/21/2020 c120 endofgames
Interesting ending
3/14/2011 c120 12Enchanter's Nightshade
I feel as though I've missed out on so much. Your other fic is beginning to make much more sense now, lol. :)

~ Sapphira (just for you old friend (:)
2/23/2011 c38 1Blobking
i'm not do it so no fucking way
2/22/2009 c1 dr-fanmai-lover
bervo ahm ther galaic-gaerds-taht-atomeicbatty-is-paer aer backugan&yu-gi-oh&battle-d-daman-going-in-this
1/12/2009 c120 Radio Driver
Good goin, Ash. Keep on keepin on.
1/10/2009 c120 luger 7
Cool fanfic. Party on dude.
1/6/2009 c120 1Sir Thames
Good show, mate. Spot on.
1/3/2009 c120 1Rocco13
Nice freakin fanfic.
1/2/2009 c120 29Screaming Dean
I'm happy I'm you're 600th review. Keep up the good work.
1/1/2009 c120 6PEJP Bengtzone
I hope you can write down about that this story have reached 600 reviews, in your next story!
1/1/2009 c120 148Emma Iveli
Um... um... you have to change things... the whole Itachi knowing was uspposed to be a secert... the whole "Older brother protecting his younger brother in secert" thing... the Senshi weren't supposed to know. Well I guess you can aways have him act as a perotector and have it differnt than New Lives S... (shurgs).
1/1/2009 c119 6PEJP Bengtzone
I wanted to say sorry, for blaming you for Emma's idiocy over that she prefer the dubbed version of One Piece's storyline, since in the original Japanese version, Arlong was taken down by Luffy, once and for all!

Anyway, I hope you'll get over my mistakes!
12/31/2008 c119 29Screaming Dean
I'm glad to see you're doing so well. Have a happy new year!
12/31/2008 c119 148Emma Iveli
Okay! Awesome! I'll write the chapter tommarrow... Awesome job... thoguh you should have had Naruto met up with Volkner and thoguht it was his dad.
12/9/2008 c118 1Rocco13
Nice freakin fanfic.
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