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12/6/2008 c118 1neolight16
i guess i should have reviewed sooner but i really like this chapter btw the new chapter of male mews is up now, there is only two chapter until all the mews are asimbled and the next chapter will probably be up tomarrow because it's just a short filler
12/3/2008 c118 1Sir Thames
Good work, mate. Spot on.
12/2/2008 c118 Radio Driver
Good goin, Ash. Keep on keepin on.
12/2/2008 c118 29Screaming Dean
I'm glad to see that you're keeping this up. Keep up the good work.
12/2/2008 c118 6PEJP Bengtzone
I guess you, AshK, didn't know that, in the original anime, only Luffy did survive, when he did destroy Arlong's tower from the inside!

And, when it comes to installing bases into lo-tech worlds, why don't you two likewise let Sora, Donald and Goofy, along with the HBRC in the Radiant Garden, as well as Tron, and Sora's summons, become part of the story?

You can check out a walkthrough on YouTube!

Anyway, good luck, and keep going on!
12/1/2008 c118 147Emma Iveli
All right that a good chapter and I like the extended ending... Good job!
11/28/2008 c117 Patrik Bengtsson
Looks just like that you ignore the existence of Mew Ringo, just because the only thing you know about her is that her signature technique is named Ribbon Apple Pop, which involves her using a maraca-like rod, that resembles an apple on a stick, to either heal herself and two of her allies, or to boost the other Mew Mews' attacks, along with that she's a penguin Mew, she's got an older brother, and even a pet penguin, right?

Well, how about letting her appear, as well as, that you let her and the other Mew Mews gain new attacks, based on techniques, they learned after that they've been going through some training?


Congratulations, for almost reached 600 reviewers!
11/28/2008 c117 29Screaming Dean
I'm glad you're doing as well as you are. I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving.
11/27/2008 c117 1neolight16
yeah you used the name i suggested I guess i shoul have just posted here instead of sending a privit message
11/27/2008 c117 41uncutetomboy
Keep it going you two! It's really good; but kind of heavy on the "said"s.

Chow for now,

11/27/2008 c117 147Emma Iveli
That was a good chapter, I like how Tsuaku was cursed... looks like someone forgot to tell them abotu Jueskenyo after all... I'll get to the next chapter on Saunday! IT's gonna epic!
11/24/2008 c116 Radio Driver
Good goin, Ash. Keep on keepin on.
11/23/2008 c116 6PEJP Bengtzone
I think you could try to let Mamoru transfer his powers as the Moonlight Knight to someone else in Juuban, Tokyo; like Usagi's lil' bro Shingo! That gives them a new ally!
11/22/2008 c116 147Emma Iveli
I like the adidtions... oh and I have a plot for my chapter all ready set up, so tell m,e when you need it.
11/22/2008 c116 29Screaming Dean
I'm happy to see you're doing so well. Keep up the good work.
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