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for Like a Woman Scorned

5/15/2007 c1 77Danny Phantom SG-1
Woot! I love this song (not as much as some of Carrie Underwood's other songs, but still) and you did very well with this songfic. I've never written one because I'm not sure it would come out right. Poor Pete...or not. I guess he WAS a jerk in this part of the movie. As always, gotta love the last line. Great job!

5/14/2007 c1 Kates
It definitely put an evil grin on my face too...

Both that song, AND this fic. I like that someone else is giving Harry a little much-needed romance, and you've done SO well with your Harry/MJ pieces. I'm glad I'm not the only one on here who finds Harry MUCH more interesting.

...I definitely think this should NOT just stay a oneshot though. But that's just me. Fun, well-written...and what every girl wants when her guy cheats on her. I love it.

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