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for what has she done?

4/28/2014 c9 tina
whathappen next
10/23/2011 c9 7Louisvuittonfreak
I love your story, please finish it...better late than never. Pleeeeeease.
9/28/2010 c9 sandy
i hope this story wiil continue to its end. i thought that seeing rosalie in the villian role was a great idea and it totally suits her. Great thinking! Keep going, it will be amazing!
6/16/2010 c9 The regs go down
awesome just perefct!
1/22/2010 c2 Samirabws
love it
12/28/2009 c9 PeaceLoveHogwarts
well start with Edward and the Cullens finding out about

Rosalie... Then work on it...aka UPDATE! lool
12/15/2009 c9 Blahhahaha
please update
11/8/2009 c9 1BookLover97
loved it!
9/12/2009 c9 3GreenEyedMelanie
this story is really good. your a great author!
7/16/2009 c9 3Turn.Me.On
I really like the story so far. I'm surprised no one smelled Bella on Rosalie and vice versa. I hope you get the chance to update this story soon. I can't wait :)
6/24/2009 c9 twilightluver69545
i love this story get over your writers block quickly please. I hope it goes away


5/31/2009 c9 EternallyFragile
Oh My God!

Rosalie is such a bitch!

Great Story!
4/8/2009 c9 1Schemmel4667
have bella tell them what she remembered when she wakes up, and have them hunt down rosalie. YOu could let everyone be distapointed for awhile and let her get a head start on running away.

hope that you like my idea!

3/22/2009 c9 3MissMusicLover
ok i love it but you need to find free time if you have 5 min in your day start typing.
3/22/2009 c1 MissMusicLover
o ggod im afrid go on.
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