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for what has she done?

12/31/2007 c6 Kaitlyn
Ah! Poor poor bella! Rosilie is a bitch and I would kill her! Good writing though.
12/31/2007 c6 cullen2b
Ohh i wonder if rosalie will get caught are come back? Bella is goina be change right? Well, keep it up, i likes it!
12/31/2007 c6 5lovingkevshugsxx
cool story. i never thot rosalie would stoop that low! great plot tho! update soon!
12/31/2007 c6 11BelloTopaOcchi
That was really good, I never thought of Rosalie doing that! Wow, I hope they find out that she did it.
12/29/2007 c5 6Jexena
Rosalie better not even think of using this to her advantage. I can not blieve that she did this. I don't even want to think what they are going to do to her when they find out she did this. And again where is Alice during all of this?
12/29/2007 c4 Jexena
I feel so bad for Edward. He wasted so much time rying to decide what to do. I really hope that Bella willbe okay. Edward just needs to get her to Carlisle. Then go home and tell Emmett what Rosalie did.
12/29/2007 c3 Jexena
I can not believe that she would be so petty as to beat Bella to death. She better hide now. Edward is going to be on a rampage. Where is Alice during all of this? Why didn't she see any of this happening?
12/29/2007 c2 Jexena
He is really running out of time to find her. I do not want to be Rosalie once they find out what she did. Even Emmett is going to be upset with her. The entire family liked her. I really am glad that I am not her.
12/29/2007 c1 Jexena
What the hell is wrong with her. Is she really that selffish that Emmett's love isn't good enough for her?
12/28/2007 c5 5libra44
so so so good more please and soon
12/27/2007 c5 6NorthernLights25
O.o Update soon!
12/27/2007 c5 1HartyVampire
plz keep on writing this is too good!
12/27/2007 c5 when night calls
EEKK! did i just say eek? i never say eek! update! please!
12/27/2007 c5 TeamEmmett68
AH! I need to know what happens next. Pleaase update soon!
12/27/2007 c5 4MissFANG-TeamGALE
i like it! a lot. cant wait for the update!
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