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10/23/2010 c1 MeldaTavar
I love this series and am sad there aren't more fics. Your fic is great and lovely I am glad that the only Truth series fic is so well written, thank you for that.
10/16/2010 c1 8LaLouisaBlack
Firstly, I want to apologize for my bad english. I'm french, and maybe you know how bad the french are in langages ^^

This afternoon, I've started to read the 4th book of this fabulous serie, and I have a lot of difficulties to stop reading it (but I must do it, I had a lot of homework to do). I've finished it since one hour, and I have again difficulties to say me that the serie is finished, that there aren't some books ater it fabulous book. When I finished it, I was happy, excitated, I wanted to read the next books (I didn't know that there isn't any book after it)... And some minutes later, I understood that ther will never be others books, because the author had writen it too many years ago, and the end is so perfect, so good, all finishes in the best possibility it could be, it's the best end, and the character can't be more happy than here (except Lodesh, of course, but the wedding between Alissa and Strell, the baby, the others "raku" who are in the "Forteresse", it can't be better, I know...) But I'm really unhappy to leave the characters. I love them, really. I thought it would have some fanfictions about the serie, but when I saw there is only one, and in english... I was "déçue".

The fanfiction is good. It wouldn't be the things I want to speak about in this story, but it's a good story, with Ese'Nawoer, the wood, Alissa'sfather...

I enjoyed reading this fanfiction. With it, I can say "Goodbye" to all these fabulous charaters...

Maybe I will write a story about them, if I find the time to do it... But I'm not sure.

So... Thanks for this story, and good night !
5/11/2010 c1 23Sketchai
Wonderful. I think you got the tone down really well. :)
4/24/2009 c1 6studentofwords
**sigh** I wish you had continued this. It has a lot of potential. Maybe you could think of continuing?
1/17/2008 c1 DisjointedQuill
I love it! You should write more if you have the time and inclination. I love Dawn Cook. You should request a new category for her when you submit your next fic.
5/21/2007 c1 2StardustPixie
AH! A fic for the Truth Series! I can't even say how happy I am! Please write more. This is lovely. I love the truth series to death! It's so sad that Dawn Cook doesn't have a category on this site.

anyway, update soon!

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