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3/12/2009 c2 RIKIY
4/19/2008 c7 jcola0823
Rofl, I found it extreamly hilarious that it was Riku who picked up sora and Axel who picked up roxas and that axel and riku had played as a gay couple before xD

anyway, back to this chapter, lol,awesome happy ending ^^ Endings are always the hardest to come up with and you did an exceptional job! *adds to favorite Stories List*

4/19/2008 c6 jcola0823
*laughs at the thought of Axel and Riku being a gay couple* So, is that "the love of his life" that he was running away too in the disclaimer a couple of chapters back? xD

Aweosme Chapter, but Im a bit confused as in roxas doesn't know who he likes D: Poor Roxy T.T
4/19/2008 c5 jcola0823
Fluff, Fluff! *dances in more fluff* I love fluff! :3

Okie I think its a bit too late(3:04 am_ and I also believe that I'm high off of Grape Propel at the moment so please excuse my sponaniously random review...I used a big word! :D

xD Awesome Chapter!

4/18/2008 c4 jcola0823
haha, Axel does suck at life

*looks at glare from Axel*

*sweatdrop* I mean...ugh...Oh look a cookie! :3

Haha, another hilarios chapter. Alas, also a sad one...poor Olette T.T

*yells at Hayner to go and chase after her*

4/18/2008 c3 jcola0823
haha, very intersting to say the least xD

Keep up the awesome work!

4/18/2008 c2 jcola0823
Haha, Sora's Hilarious! xD

Yay fluff! I love fluff! *dances around in fluff8

Yay..um, drunk fluff? xD still fluff!

Absolutly Awesome chapter!

4/18/2008 c1 jcola0823
Hayner x Stephie is an intresting paring I don't really see it often :O

*goes to read the next chapter*

12/17/2007 c7 Beth
Good ending! A happy ending for all! : ) YAY! I really liked the whole story!
12/17/2007 c6 Beth
Yay for Riku and Axel! : )
12/14/2007 c4 Beth
oh.. Drama! good chapter! I really liked it!
12/14/2007 c3 Beth
good chapter. I KNEW it was Olette! I feel smart now! funny chapter, too.
12/14/2007 c2 Beth
good chapter. I wonder who she is... hm... someone who knew Roxas, loved him... could it be Olette? This is going to get interesting.
12/14/2007 c1 Beth
good job. I feel so bad for Hayner! He's going to get happier, right?
9/22/2007 c7 7BlueChihuahuaCrimsonFlame
aaw it's the END! D:

but a nice ending it was :D like REALLY
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