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5/29/2012 c3 102mr grimjaw
this fic is so epic
5/23/2012 c2 mr grimjaw
this is a great fic so far keep it up
5/23/2012 c1 mr grimjaw
this is great
7/10/2011 c1 Boo4ME
If you don't mind m saying it but who is rewriting the story? Or did you abandoned it? Please tell!
11/10/2010 c13 1alldumbamericanrejects27
adding 2 faves list
3/26/2009 c2 27King Hawke
I'm curious as to who Ruki is, but this should be pretty interesting. It'd be cool if they could get revenge on the PKers later somehow.
12/24/2008 c10 Hana
i like this story one of a kind update soon.
12/13/2008 c1 69Alex Warlorn
To be fair, I don't think any serious ninja has time to be an internet junkie.
11/30/2007 c10 FlushedFox
ok this is really this like a real game or have you make it up because i have no clue about whats going on Sakura's lv or much from the "outside world".
8/28/2007 c8 Muji Kirio SinWeaver
Naval Monte, the City of Illusion... you used Naval Monte? By Gods, I f**king DIDN'T expect that! Also, the Azure Beast... What the heck is that? Ok, I admit, I hadn't played through the original 4 games (I only have Vol.1 and completed that), but I am sure that Azure Beast didn't appear there... or the LotTB manga. Azure Beast... Azure Beast... I seriously can't remember another 'Azure'. Hmmn... Now i'm interested on what will happend next. I also question on why there are 5 people going into this 'Underground Arena' and when ever you just made that up. I have to play through .hack GU Vol.1 again just to be sure... Anyways, very interesting Chapter, it promises some things for the future. Update~!

-SinWeaver, Out-

Ps. Change the Character Filter thing. It is better if you put it on 2 people, not just one. TRUST me on this.
8/23/2007 c7 Muji Kirio SinWeaver
Dol Donna... A town built ontop a piece of the ruin of the fallen city of Fort Ouph, of the Sigma server of the original World. Underneath Dol Donna and this piece of Fort Ouph itself is the former City of Dun Loireag of the Theta Server, which Dol Donna shares its Server indication to. Dun Loireag used to be a city under Twilight, a beatiful city of light and darkness, but CC Corp changed it to the current state, which was a shame... Of course, that is just a Rumor~ ^_^ .

Ok chapter overall. Write more, that is one of my requests. I would also ask if you have a definte plot for this. Or are you still winging it? I can't see where this is going. Now, about Ruki, I have this sneaking suspicion about her. But I can't be too sure, seeing that the Temptress is currently with Endurance and the influence of the Phases has not yet spread to the Elemental Countries Servers yet. Artificial Intelligent Data Anomaly, more commonly refered to as AIDA, has (as I see it) yet to reach these Servers as well.

Only complaint from me is the short chapters and the unseeable plotline. Now, what does Kyo wanted with Yumi?

May Aurora's influence live on

-Muji Kirio, Logging Out-
8/9/2007 c6 Muji Kirio SinWeaver
Gomen for not reviewing for a LONG time~, busy busy at Real Life. This now really puts something into the flame here, how the fuck does Naruto know of the Twilight Incident? Or is this the re-instalment of the Kite and Blackrose character timeline (aka Legend of the Twilight Bracelet) that he knew of it? Man, you really confused me there, but it also made me want to know more. Its kinda short, yeah, so its not really a update for me, but it does have interesting info to tide me over. Oh, btw, put the Category to a double person, not just Sakura. Maybe Sakura/Naruto? Cause it does focus on Sakura AND Kyo (which I really hope is Naruto at this point...). Btw, how the FUCK does Kyo know of Piros? Does he also know of the Queen of Darkness? Shugo? Zelkova (who is rumored to be Helba-sama)? Rumor (ya know, the AI?)? Man... update.

-Muji Kirio, Out-
7/28/2007 c6 Azureuss
good chapter. keep up the good work
7/23/2007 c5 Muji Kirio SinWeaver
Amazing what a few modifications can do huh? Keep on going, get the next chapter out, this chapter is way better than the last version of it. That Shadow Warlock and that Solo Arena Battler Adept Rouge is a mystery on their connection to Kyo, keep on going man, keep on going..

May the Light of the Goddess light your way

-Muji Kirio, Out-
6/27/2007 c4 Azureuss
no problem ^^

I like dot hack/G.U

u haven't done anything wrong yet...

except the duel did u get that becasue it doesn't seem to play a part in the story so far...cause i can understand adapt rouges but an Blade Brandier and a steam gunner? it doesn't seem to match correctly. anyways great story I hope u up date often ^.~
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