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for Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction Episode 2

9/10/2013 c1 Anonymous
Ah, I see what that mother did there..
She prays to the angel
The drawing comes to life.
It's kind of farfetched.. but the guardian angels can do the impossible.
12/24/2010 c2 Gloomily Cheerful
Woah, please write more, if you have the time. I am a fan of all of your other stories and I look forward to updates to any of them.
6/22/2007 c2 IAmNotAnybody
That's obvious it was tr...fal...ok, no it wasn't. I'm going to say...False, because, um...I don't know why...but false.
6/22/2007 c1 IAmNotAnybody
It's True! True! True! Well, maybe false, but TRUE! It WAS Big Ike! Big Ike's job is to be an angel! And the angle Ike came down to protect Jimmy!
6/1/2007 c2 3The Great Yoshi Rider
Hmm... I've gotta say FACT. I've heard of psychics before, so I think it's true.
5/30/2007 c2 4EAParakeet
Hm...Fact or fiction? For somereason I want to choose fact...
5/30/2007 c2 318FireKai
Hi. This was a great story! Sara was a great villain. She was really bad and... well, in the end, she got her punishment from the worst way possible. It's hard to decide if this story is true or not... well... my answer is that this story is Fact. I'm not really sure, but I won't loose anything if I'm wrong, lol. Update soon!
5/29/2007 c2 26Meowth's Toon Dragon
Another great tale! A song bringing doom for the future... intriguing!
5/27/2007 c1 Meowth's Toon Dragon
An awesome way to begin the story... way to go!
5/27/2007 c1 3The Great Yoshi Rider
Woot, I'm on time for Chapter one! Last time I started reading during Chapter 4, so I didn't bother voting, but here I am this time!

I thing it's False. No way coukld anyone impersonate Ike, and I don't think an angel came to help.
5/25/2007 c1 318FireKai
I think this story is fact. It's great that you decided to make a second story about Beyond Belief.
5/24/2007 c1 17An Ordinary Fan
Looks like you're writing a sequel after all. Good to hear. Don't expect anything major from me, though; I've had my share of mystery fun. I'll just be a silent observer, watching as some different contestants get a shot at it. Keep up the good (and rather fascinating, if I might add) work.
5/24/2007 c1 4EAParakeet
Awesome^^ Hmm...for this one I pick Fact

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