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7/7/2008 c1 7Nightclaw
I saw you say that this wouldn't be continued in your other story and reading this i was a bit dissapointed. This is great! Really well written and if you do happen to continue this it'd be awesome.
5/26/2007 c1 6V-Roxie-V
Reminds me a bit of Jaypaw's problemo in The Sight...allwell. I wonder why she's called an outcast...Did you explain that? If you didn't...I bet you will...I was just wondering if I missed something xD . Anyways, I really liked it! I'm hooked. UPDATE!
5/25/2007 c1 23Pinefur
its a good prologue. please update it, I want to see what happens!
5/25/2007 c1 Keltena
Hm, interesting. It loses a little meaning for me now that I've read The Sight, but that's not your fault. The introduction at the beginning is good, and I LOVE the title of the prologue, "The Blind Truth." This sounds like it could be quite interesting, and Smokesoul's immediate defense of her kit is nice, too.

You made a few mistakes with grammar and spelling (for example, "of coarse" and a few missing commas such as "It's your mother Ripplekit" instead of "It's your mother, Ripplekit"), but that's getting pretty nit-picky. In general, this looks like a good start to a story, and I'd definitely like to read the first chapter.
5/25/2007 c1 3ThumperCat
Wow! Update it soon! I feel sorry for Ripplekit already.
5/25/2007 c1 5PearlaH.Sweden-Arigatou
Very well-written! Update soon! I like Ripplepaw already! XP

5/24/2007 c1 5Freeheart
Nice! Good one! Update soon!

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