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for The Thief And I

2/6/2010 c1 2CartoonLover159

didn't expect that to happen XD

I loved it

Nice job
2/20/2009 c9 7TuckingFypo
I love this fic! It's great! (Err...but I'm just wondering why aren't there anything in the Chapter 9? It's all author's notes...XD)

Please update soon and more power! :D
1/13/2009 c9 chrystalchick
wow they are such a cute pairing

and you are a good writer

hope to read more of this story soon!

good luck in collage
9/1/2008 c9 4cocoamint
It's weird how time pass by so fast.
8/29/2008 c9 279GintaxAlvissForever
Wow. I forgot this fic. LOL

I know what you mean. The last time you updated was the last time I updated Falling for the First Time. It's amazing. Once you're 18 and in college you're not online anymore...because you have your own's just sad for me because all the good authors are already going out into the real world and fufilling their dreams and I'm still stuck in high school losing reviewers because they don't have the time anymore.

But I suspected much. Good luck in college.

Momo M. Taro or Pepper from Fallen Angel
7/8/2008 c1 Shirayuki Sayura
Your story is very interesting. I really want to read the next chapter. Update soon...
5/25/2008 c1 1MizRayne

poor snow seeing scenes like that.

she's still a kid for heaven's sake.


let see the chapter2 may i?
5/2/2008 c8 4cocoamint
AWESOME story!

2/24/2008 c8 17Artificial Life Creator

i likes purple
2/24/2008 c7 Artificial Life Creator
what word processor do you normally use?
2/24/2008 c6 Artificial Life Creator
always write during history class. not like we do much there anyway..
2/24/2008 c5 Artificial Life Creator
well, as far as i can tell, you're perfectly healthy!
2/24/2008 c4 Artificial Life Creator
good luck at school!
2/24/2008 c3 Artificial Life Creator
ah yes. red lightning bolts always work to one's plans!
2/24/2008 c2 Artificial Life Creator
maybe being the key word!
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