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6/9/2013 c6 22ml101
I totally prefer this now over the movie. Biased because of James but the story is far better than AWE!
11/2/2012 c6 15SkyHighFan
Nice, I really liked it.
9/21/2009 c6 1Ammitt
VERY well done. I hated to see Will win though as I am a major fan of Norringtons
8/4/2009 c6 T
This story was WONDERFUL! Really, this is totally how AWE *should* have gone. And the way you wrote it felt a lot like the first two movies, with the occasional quips and snide remarks from various characters.

All in all, a really enjoyable read, and a much better ending for all of the characters than the ones they got in the movie!

4/16/2009 c1 6Marz-Alfgonzo
Oh, this is the way it should have happened! Love this story.
3/4/2009 c6 Kaoru
somewhat realistic. i wish that they had spared James somehow. its well

written. i do hope to see future stories about James. Good job ^_^
8/28/2007 c4 4Random Authoress
Ooh, a twist! Good chapter. Keep it up!
8/27/2007 c1 Elven Archer
Eep! This is awesome! I'm really enjoying this twist in the plot. Please update soon, I can't wait to see what happens. *is excited*
7/28/2007 c4 13acacia59601
Well, that can't be a good situation... Please update soon!
6/24/2007 c4 Pein Rikudou
AHH! NOO! 0.0 No one can die! NO ONE!

Sorry, spastic moment over. Brilliant chapter! I just love the way you write James. He's so in character, it's amazing. Elizabeth too, you've got her spot-on.

Amazing work! I can't wait for the next chapter!

6/23/2007 c4 71bluegoldrose
this was a very good chapter, and a lot of fun as well. I'm interested in what comes next :)
6/22/2007 c4 Jester Kit
Update update! I'm on the edge of my seat over here :]
6/22/2007 c4 16ice-connoisseur
Oh, I do like this turn of events! UPDATE!

6/22/2007 c4 000000oooooo00000000
Good chapter, I really liked it, update soon!
6/21/2007 c4 Captain MeraSparrow
oo oo, and it goes perfectly with the battle music from the AWE soundtrack that was playing in my head. I was surprised that James would have taken action so soon (isn't there still Mercer to deal with, or am I forgetting something?), but everything did seem to go swimmingly until the very last moment. (Oh wait, now I recall that Marcer was indeed under lock and key... erm..wood and barnacle...eh..) Anywaffles, the Brethren Court scene was especially interesting. You caught the atmosphere just right, and tat made it so easy to imagine. Wee!

...I love how no one addresses the Queen versus King thing anywhere. Not sure why, but I just find it funny 0-0 ^^;

Anywaffles, I hope to see an update soon (can't live with a cliffie like that for too long now can we, darling?)

As always, merry writing.

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