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for Forging the Sword

7/16 c15 2Detsella Morningdew
Wow. You managed to fix the Tournament stuff without making wizards look like idiots, and still have Harry forced to compete.
7/16 c11 Detsella Morningdew
Yeah, the most criticism Fawkes should ever receive is staying around Dumbledore while he's being an ass, but that's easily explained as him trying to get him to change. (Which makes sense with the rebirth/renew theme phoenixes have)
7/15 c8 Detsella Morningdew
Thank you for explaining Barty Crouch's languages without breaking the setting.

This is still amazing, by the way. Everyone seems so incredibly in-character but still different in very good ways.
7/15 c4 Detsella Morningdew
If I remember right, Harry is implied to have learned how to pick locks from the Weasley Twins, after they break him out (and demonstrate Muggle-style lockpicking).
7/5 c15 Bluerain22
Bloody brilliant Trio fic! Very interesting! Thank you for 15 chapters!
7/5 c15 Jen
Almost 10 years and I’m here wishing for an update
6/30 c1 4Leapyearbaby29
You just killed Ginny?
5/5 c1 3Giorno Giovana loves Pee tee
I really thought hp fanfiction were just fluff and romance and badly written but this one is the only story I've taken interest
4/25 c15 2acetwolf94
3/3 c15 Scriptor1
One of the best stories I’ve read in HP fanfiction. Love the evolution of the characters and the trio relationships. Really regret that this appears to be abandoned or on hiatus .
3/2 c15 Pinkeyla
This is such a great story, so many interesting ideas and concepts and the plot and the mysteries that haven't been answered... i do hope thay won't remain unsolved forever, though considering how long it's been since the last update... i hope the authors okay, and ill save this so ill be notified of updates, just in case. <3
2/24 c15 thomaseliot
Back again for a reread after many years. This is such a great story, dare I ask...any chance it will be continued? Either way, thanks for writing.
2/23 c8 drae
you know, harry’s unbreakable vow struggle really brings out the fact that he’s only, what, 13? like. screwing with free will’s fucked up no matter how you slice it. from an nonmagical angle, sci-fi with implanted chips that don’t allow you to kill would be a dystopian novel. like, classic utopian-veneer-over-true-depravity concept. also, thinking that everything would just Work Out, like humans wouldn’t clever their way around such a vow if they truly wanted to fuck someone up, it’s. both naïve and fitting, for an orphan boy to be dreaming of ways that “if things were different” could happen.
2/19 c1 Guest
If some food for thought can entice you back to this story: Fawkes can teleport people through the Hogwarts wards. How will Harry deal with it when he learns that Fawkes could have teleported Ginny or himself out of the chamber at any time?
2/3 c15 Stormcrow513
I miss this story, its one I come back to over and over. One day I'll have to leave s better review I just wanted you to know how much I love this story.
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