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for Forging the Sword

6/5/2019 c15 SotV
I’ve enjoyed this. I hope you get back to it someday.
5/26/2019 c8 4HoosYourDaddy
Loving the story so far. The debate over giving up 10% of one's magic for guarantees of safety has an interesting parallel in the American debate over gun control. Europeans look at American gun control laws in absolute horror. America has over 35,000 violent gun deaths per year, and it doesn't even make us blink. That's more gun deaths every year than every other country in the world *combined*, if you don't include places that are at war/in political turmoil.

There are many Americans to whom gun rights are holy; they believe we have a god-given right to walk around with a deadly weapon on our hips, and if innocents die because of that right-well, that's just the price you pay for freedom. They are essentially in Ron's position here, and Europeans are in Harry's. I personally think Harry has the much stronger position, but Ron's intransigence mirrors the fervent devotion many Americans have to their guns. They'd rather let innocent people die, and some would even rather kill you, than allow you to take away their guns. I like the way you framed the issue in the magical world.
5/10/2019 c1 2SmoulderS
This story is seriously awesome, and I really hope you continue it sometime. Don’t be daunted by having to invent Durmstrang! That’s the fun part! There is just so much emotion and creativity in this tale, it really stands apart from the rest.
5/10/2019 c1 SmoulderS
Bit of a strange statement by Rowling that dementors don’t breed, rather grow like fungusgiven that fungi are alive, and can die, and reproduce both sexually and asexually. What you said about them in the chapter made sense though. Also, that professor is 100% an unspeakable. Historian, hah. Really hope you continue this story someday, it’s incredible in so many ways
5/6/2019 c15 5TrashKan
This fic is going in my favourites for multiple reasons. Well thought out explanations for the previously unexplained, a realistic reaction to tragedy, a more believable friendship between the trio than almost every other telling and a Ron that’s both true to the source and likeable (which is a rarity to me)
Really hope to see it continue at some point.
5/4/2019 c15 Guest
This fic broke my heart and put it back together again. The characterization and worldbuilding is done with common sense, whimsy, research, and emotional depth. I've re-read it plenty of times. Thanks for writing it!
4/29/2019 c15 Guest
I absolutely love this. This is definitely one of the best Harry Potter fan fictions I have ever read, and I’ve read a lot, especially in terms of quality character growth and content. I was so glad when you kept the trio together after Ginny died, and their resolve and shenanigans after are equally impressive. I did notice that this hasn’t been updated for almost five years, which is disappointing because it’s amazing work. I will continue to hope that we may see further work from you!
4/18/2019 c15 8Johnny Spectre
I hope this continues. And while I am disappointed in Ginny's death as a catalyst, you've really bloomed this into something unique.
4/9/2019 c15 8Monkey D. Toushiro
third time reading, still good each time
devastated we never get to see the 20k of chapter 16 you've written out (according to your profile), but my sincere condolences about your father. I hope youve been living a good life!
there's a lot i can say, but the main couple things i appreciate:
1. the golden trio friendship! as i'm sure many people have told you.
2. reasonable character development, where the three of them didn't suddenly just become different people because you thought they would be cooler that way. (i have so many issues with this)
3. worldbuild! the wandless magic for example. a

things we still don't know what they're about that i'm quite curious about:
1. that dude in slytherin named ashton? who is apparently always watching the golden trio
2. the "assignment" the 3rd year DADA prof had, sounded like it mightve been some foreshadowing there

anyways...thanks for writing this fic! a true, well deserved classic!
4/5/2019 c1 CmeClearLee
4/5/2019 c15 CmeClearLee
This is a good story. It’s hard for me to enjoy a story where Ron isn’t bashed or ignored because I despise Ronald Weasley. Nevertheless, you made him pretty decent in this fic without it seeming as if he had a personality transplant. He’s just reasonably mature. The storyline is great too and there are just enough questions in the background to leave us wanting more. Regrettably, i have to assume it’s abandoned considering the update dates so I won’t beg for a new chapter. However, I will include several variations of a sad face
3/13/2019 c15 4Rahwin
This is an excellent story! Thank you so much for sharing your hard work. Followed. :)
3/11/2019 c15 hdres
I really enjoyed this story and the interesting way you started to change the interactions between the trio. There were so many genuinely creative ideas that it is a real shame that you were not able to complete it. Thank you for sharing you interesting and unusual story.
3/10/2019 c15 Guest
This is Brilliant! I would love to read more. Thank you! :)
2/19/2019 c10 110NabikiB
Actually, in armies, it's never the big brass or the officers who are the dangerous ones, the ones who have direct control over the troops are the NON-commissioned officers (non-coms) Sergeants and corporals, the most deadly of these are the Master Gunnery and Gunnery Sergeants which specialize in weapons, the master gunnies have such knowledge and skill with such a wide variety of weapons, they SCARE the big brass. Especially the ones which are mavericks and rogue types. If Wizardry takes out the big brass and leaves the sgts in charge, it would be a mistake.
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