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3/22/2021 c11 Xeius9
I'll join a fawkes appreciation society

Also excellent story
3/13/2021 c15 sundaydo7
It's a crime to leave this incomplete , hope you would return and write more.
3/8/2021 c15 6Eidolon V
Welp, I find myself enjoying this. Hope it continues at some point, some time.
3/7/2021 c15 drainednerves
This story is great! There are so few out there which have such an amazingly established friendship between the three as this one, so kudos to you:)
3/7/2021 c12 drainednerves
I love your summary!
3/7/2021 c9 drainednerves
Hmm how come the Bloody Baron is the oldest ghost and not the Grey Lady? Didn't he murder her?
3/6/2021 c5 drainednerves
"Oh, we're just going to skip over the rest of the holidays? But how is this going to set up Sirius's escape? Has he escaped, anyways..? What happened to trigger that event again... oh yeah, the newspaper article with the Weasleys... Hold on, ttey didn't go to EgyptOH SHIT Sirius didn't escapeo
3/3/2021 c4 Defiant7
I hate your hermione
2/22/2021 c15 SummerHeartfilia
this is excellent, it hasn’t been updated in 7 years but it’s still in my mind as an incredible story.
2/1/2021 c15 1alessa-vulturi
(This is Ali)
Shame you left it at that, but I quite enjoyed while it lasted :D
Lol I was just going to say that maybe Sirius would escape if he found out Harry was in danger because of the tournment
I'm gonna imagine that Hermione kicked as and showed all those biggots that she is the bomb, maybe made some doubt what their parents told them about muggleborns since she would be the only one they would knew xD
2/1/2021 c14 Ali
"Mad," Dobby said. "More than little mad; more than big mad. Bloodmad is madmad. And if house-elf go bloodmad even once, house-elf be Lost." His voice dropped to a whisper. "Lost forever. And while bloodmad… terrible things done sometimes, Harry Potter sir. Terrible things." Huh
2/1/2021 c13 Ali
I'm sad that I'm almost at the end of the road, I havent come across as many realistic but awesome golden trío fics, specially because there is a lot of bashing Ron (and even hermione) fics-.- fics in which harry trains and so on often do that, which sucks specially when they put malfoy as better than Ron, like, they dislike Ron but like Malfoy? WTF?
Barty Crouch foisted Bertha Jorkins off on the rest of us in the Ministry years ago when he hired her then transferred her out of his Department. Now that her vacation abroad seems to have finally helped her get her head on straight, he doesn't get to poach her back." So she is still alive.
2/1/2021 c12 Guest
It is to opaque, maybe you could add "ginny died and this changed things"? XD
"Nothing gossipy, or extensive. But it was enough to make me accept this assignment rather than another." So he Night be an uspeakable? It would explain why he knew what they would do in case the secret broke out.
Harry Potter bringing a houlse elf (that he pays) to the game as a friend? That would be a statemant xD
Imagine Dumbledore introducing the horrecruxes to Harry and Harry saying that they (the GT) already took care of them xD. At the very least they could get the ring, as Riddle probably created it eary on the shack might not have defences that are súper strong. The relicary could also be one if somehow Sirius got free and they went to grimuld place xD
2/1/2021 c11 Ali
Racial prejudice, sexual prejudice – you name a way for muggles to indulge in unthinking hatred, and they'll be doing it far and wide. Nothing different is accepted. Tolerated at most – until the day something goes wrong, or someone needs something to blame, and then the mob is at the door." Yeah, because wizard are not racist/speciest, have a bunch of purebloods that kill and torture muggles for fun, and, por a society that focus on keeping the blood pure i somehow doubt that they wouldnt be homophobic. If anything, wizards have been capable of mayor and bigger violence for longer than muggles, you know, because they basically carry arms capable of mass destruction since they are children. Societis that are more capable of empathy are more likely to evolve.
I hope one of those dark books mentioned horrecruxes
2/1/2021 c10 Ali
"Have you really not noticed that I don't actually like most of the kids in this school? They watch me and whisper about me and spread nasty rumors. Most of Gryffindor is okay, but everyone else?" You dont have to like them Harry xD making connections is not about making friends.
I dont know, Wizards are so full of themselves and (unless its fanon and I'm wrong) Hermione talks about how the muggle studios class is basically bullshit and we can see from Arthur and the quiditch world coup that Wizards dont know much about muggles nor do they consider them a treat. Given that the privilaged class are purebloods with no interest in muggles and with a feeling of superiority I dont see how they would invest in keeping up with them...
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