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6/26/2009 c4 3Scarlett De Fontaine
LOVE IT! love the Phantom of the Opera myself. Both the movie and the play, though I noticed tha in the movie the Phantom is more menacing and manly, while the one in the play was more sensitive and broken. I loved the part where the chandelleire dropped. What was I talking about... oh yeah! Love the story, nice OC good plot. Keep up the good work.
6/26/2009 c2 Scarlett De Fontaine
I like Emily, she's a lot like me :) Great job so far, looking forward to the next chapters!
8/18/2007 c4 3if i were real
in answer to ur 1), 2) or 3) question i'll give ur story a 2).

it's sweet.
8/16/2007 c4 34Uh.yeah
If I didn't have to type, I would be clapping right now. Clapping rather a lot. Because I love this chapter. It just has such a nice... feeling to it. For the end of the fic and all that. And the RoseDoctor-ness is just lovelylovelylovely.

Oh! I loved the combination of babbly and then contemplative Doctor you went for. I think that was a very good choice. It worked out nicely and made the tone of the last bit more... powerful. Not quite the word I want, but it'll do.

So. Well done indeed for this fic! I have enjoyed it very berry much. Really.

(Now I'll get looking at that other fic. And I'll get writing you an email. Seeing as how I am back now...)
8/7/2007 c4 59abstractwhisk
Yay! *claps* Just the perfect combo of fluffy cuteness mixed in with the Doctor and Rose being...the Doctor and Rose...if that makes sense. Great job!

8/6/2007 c4 5catnipevergreens
This was nice. It was sweet and funny. Good story.
7/10/2007 c3 34Uh.yeah
*smiles happily*

Love this chapter. Nearly makes me want to hug my computer screen, which is always a good sign. You made it all very lovely and clear and terribly enjoyable. And no, I am not particularly coherent right now. But that does mean I enjoyed this any less - I thought it was awesome and hope to see them enjoying their meal and show vair soon...
6/28/2007 c3 2gaiafreedom21
Great chapter.
6/28/2007 c3 59abstractwhisk
Hm, lovely! Great chapter. I definitely had a little giggle fit at the girls in line. "England's next to France, right?" Teehee...*muffles laughter*

6/23/2007 c2 34Uh.yeah
Yay! Aw, I really love this chapter. Cos I think the Doctor was really in character and I really do think this Emily girl is awesome... I think she's a cool orginal character.

Heh, the H&M thing makes perfect sense now, too, which is good.

Oh, and I have to say, this bit: "Emily was totally silent for a moment, standing completely still. The traffic moved around him, behind him and behind her, taxis beeping their horns and storefront lights continued to flash. The ground rumbled as the subway passed beneath their feet, and yet the Doctor did not change his expression. He looked at her the same way he had earlier, when he was asking for her help: he looked at her honestly." is brilliant. I know I just copied a quite a big chunk, but it had to be done. Because that little bit was so well written. Quite reminded me of the Doctor's speech in 'Rose' and it was just great.

So... well done!

(I'll get looking at that next chapter for you.. :D)
6/22/2007 c2 2lene-anschutz
Hey! I DID like her :)
6/13/2007 c2 2Sukkit
it great,but i wish it was longer than u say it's gana be o well.Hope Rose likes her prizent
6/13/2007 c2 2gaiafreedom21
Great chapter.
6/13/2007 c1 gaiafreedom21
I like.
5/27/2007 c1 34Uh.yeah
Hola, chica. Oh, I really do like this, you know. People will review soon enough, donnae worry... Don't you dare stop.

Again, I'll say how much I like the idea of there being no jewellery that's suitable for a time traveller (ohh, and I see you went with the British spelling. Nice choice ;D).

I want the next chapter, if only so I can see how the Doctor'll describe Rose...

Vair good, me dear. :D

((Oh, and I better mention, there seems to have a been a slight accident in the following sentence: "The girl stifled a, then stuck out her hand tentatively." No idea how that happened. Just felt it my duty to point it out, lol...))

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