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for After YOU Left Me

6/20/2007 c1 Tsunami of Flames
i liked it ^_^ i guess i cant say anything else... oh well...
6/9/2007 c1 CreammyLove
It's really sad! Made me cry! Hehe... I can relate to this! Anyway, I LUV IT!
5/29/2007 c1 11LadyNerdyNerf
That was cute and it was a really good poem that shows who they are.

Aang and Toph, teehee.

It was a sweet little fanbased poem and you did and okay job with the words and ryhming.

Even though it is a poem you need to watch for spelling and for puncuation.

And I didn't think it was ooc at all.

Toph does come off as being able to handle herself and yes she's bold and tough and doesn't like being a girl of nobility status as much because it is strick and confining...

But she has her moments when she is a bit girly, like the Serpants Pass and thinking Sokka saved her and kissed him but it was Suki.

And she has cried before, twice during the series I've seen. In the Blind b=Bandit and in Tales of Be Sing Se.

She's very expressive but she's upfront and unafriad about it. She told Aang about her life a bit in Blind Bandit and how she could see. She told Iroh a lot of the same stuff and how she didn't like being helpless and such.

So it is NOT ooc. You did really good.

People who try to base Toph off the show do it WRONG so wrong when they say "She's too tough, she never cries and she's uncaring and stuff." She merely really bold, laid back and unafraid to state what she wants, what she thinks and such but knows somethings she doesn't want other people too know.

But with good character development, OOC is never and issue because as authors we have to make it believable, even though all you kis can get stubborn, but s'okay cause I was once to.

Good job!
5/29/2007 c1 22Zapenbits
Aww...that was really sad...and good! Good job!

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