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for Degradation

4/22/2009 c2 Shelly
I think that the cliche "You have no idea what I went through" is...well... cliche. I think that you really could have chosen a better line for Lash to say there, but that's just my opnion. I just really hate that line (because I read it a lot) so I think that for next time, you could be more original. :)

Anyway, the attitude still keeps up in this chapter, which I think is nice. I love to read stories with a unique voice (which is usually snark/snob becase they're funniest). I look forward to the next chapter! (I didn't feel like signing in but if you want to reply my username is east-side-stories) :D
4/22/2009 c1 Shelly
I love the attitude in this; the snarky comments that Lash has about everything. I think that it is really true to his character and I think that you did a really good job of mixing humor with information and plot.
1/27/2009 c2 GotasDeLimon
only two reviews? That Blows x(

I really like the way you write, and the fact that Lash seems pretty damn IC is a plus, heaven knows that's a hard thing to come across nowadays in this place.

Anyways, I love the story so far. I hope you continue it, you've had me hooked since the first time you submitted.
5/30/2007 c2 11LostAngel2
YAY! There isn't enough Lash fanfics!
5/29/2007 c1 1brokenwriter
This is a really good idea; and I like the way you write his character. He seems to have more depth and personality then most of what the others write (I'm not hating on the other stories - just telling it how it is). Keep up the good work! And don't forget to update soon!

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