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for The Dark Lords of Nerima

5/3 c18 Brenden1k
The youma, kind of like nazi Germany, are to busy fighting themselves when they need to fight the enemy, the inefficiency of social darwism/evil.
2/16 c24 6The Tailor
Still a great read years down the line! Very enjoyable
1/21 c21 SonkaD
Awsome fighting scenes as always. You did a very good job showing different points of view and it was a very good addition to look closer at two simple youma, makes them feel more real and more understandable. I almost felt sorry for Lesp and Cortheia when they were finally slaughtered...
1/19 c19 SonkaD
Yeaaaaah, Mousse kicks ass!
Mousse is not my favourite character, but he rocks when he's turned into a badass ;)
1/19 c18 SonkaD
"It's not as though a mere cat could do much to disrupt their plans herself." Yeah, sure.
Love it! Brilliant again! Looking forward to the big fight next chapter :)
1/18 c15 SonkaD
Ami's visit at the clinic is just brilliant. Hilarious. I don't know what else to say about it, but really, thank you for the fit of laughter!
And Usagi's and Rei's respective visits were cleverly thought of too.
Very good chapter!
1/17 c10 SonkaD
The scene with Shampoo and the Senshi at the Nekohanten is just brilliant!
1/16 c8 SonkaD
Ryouga saved by his cursed form... That's rich! :D
I loved this fight. You show how formidable our favourite martial artists are: even without the ki-attacks, they do have an awful lot of techniques and tricks up their hands and you make use of them all. Good job.
1/15 c1 SonkaD
'Just how much trouble could she possibly cause him anyway?'
Ahahah! I love how you set up this story.
5/19/2020 c13 5Amidamaru88
forget what I said before, this is a much better chapter, a lot of build up and satisfying payoff
5/19/2020 c11 Amidamaru88
extremely well freaking done, a fantastic mix
5/15/2020 c20 Lukkai
So, Kuno apparently cannot break the fourth wall.


I'll see myself out.
10/24/2019 c24 1MysticRising
So damn funny. I laughed at some parts, so many good laughs. You made excellent usage of Ranma and it's typical humor. I imagine adding khr to a crossover like this, and the chaos would be unimaginable!
I kinda wanted to see tuxedo mask fall in love with girl ranma, like he saw her doing CPR or something to save him and in that instant love bloomed. Or even funnier, luna gives ranma senshi power. I mean he already dresses up as a girl so why not?
6/3/2019 c24 Guest
Loved it.
2/16/2019 c23 Guest
Corrections offered without malice.
"marital artists" martial
"Ryogua" Ryouga
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