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for Life As An Other

10/22/2007 c3 1Allastrina
Love the story so far! I like the character of Jenna. She reminds me a lot of a young Ana-Lucia. I'll be waiting for an update!
6/11/2007 c3 MedliR
Ha, I forgot to mention the very end of the last chapter. I loved how Ben knew she hadn't eaten. Just perfect. On to chapter 3.

Ooh, backstory. Nice. Definitely explains Jenna's mom in the last chapter. Expanding upon this? To explain how Jenna came to the island maybe? I hope so.

The discussion about Ben, again great. Nice dig...I snickered remorselessly. Ethan is creepily wonderful again. I can't decide if I love that guy or can't stand him, you know? You wrote him well. And Juliet.

I only have one issue, and that was how the gun thing played out. First Juliet's walking all over Ethan and then she's acting scared and then nice. I'm confused. Am I supposed to be? Because if so, then, great. If not, try and pin her down in future or make her confusing on purpose. Your line about her genuineness (it's a word now) dos make me think you did that on purpose, but I'm not sure...since she cried so easily, but I have to remember that this is the beginning of her stay on the island, and she wasn't as, odd, then as she is now. And then she went back to being nice and friendly with Jenna so quickly. That's the really odd part, to me. You've really got me thinking! Good mystery, here.

Hmm, Ben giving Juliet a chance? What does she need a chance with, hm? Another good one. Word of warning which I am sure you already know about: watch what Jenna can do. She's a smart-ass, btu a smart-ass that can shoot doesn't sit quite right. A meek mouse that can, now that's interesting. How Jenna is now makes her knowing how to shoot a little too perfect, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, I hope all of this posts, I'm copying it if it doesn't, thanks for suffering through it! Please don't take this as me dissing your story, because I'm not, I'm praising it! I think it's great. I want to see how this romance part plays out, too. I like the sound of it. Keep writing!
6/11/2007 c2 MedliR
Wow, a lot going on here. Good, though. Let me see if I can remember it all enough to be succinct.

The blackout. Interesting, also the concussion. I like the inclusion of other characters we haven't necessarily seen before. Fleshes out the village. Explain the kids, though. They couldn't have been born there, and I don't remember that many from the show (but I could be fading, here). And Ben! My favorite character. Well-played, too.

I like Tom, Ethan and Alex are perfect. At the end, though, she says there must have been hundreds of Others. Is she exaggerating, or is she not thinking clearly because of the concussion, or are there actually that many at this point in time?

Continue, please!
6/11/2007 c1 MedliR
Ah, finally getting around to reviewing this! I shall review each chapter for you, so as to boost your reviews!

Nice intro. I'm intrigued by the italics. What I do want to know, however, is where Jenna came from, and what the white horse significance is. I'm assuming there is one?
6/11/2007 c3 3That's What She Said
Yeah, Ethan kind of creeps me out too. Good for Jenna, finally making a friend! Update soon, please!
6/9/2007 c3 4LudivinePHlover
Pretty good! I hope you keep writing!
5/31/2007 c2 3That's What She Said
Oh wow, great story! Is this going to be a BenOC romance? I hope so! Anyways, I totally dig the Jenna character! Update soon!

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